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The Art of Shibori with Head of Design, Zane

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Shibori is a traditional indigo dyeing technique with origins from Ancient Japan, the process involves folding, stitching, binding, and knotting fabric to achieve an intricate and hand-crafted design. The effect produces a one-of-a-kind pattern in a myriad of indigo shades, that offers a relaxed yet fashion-forward texture that is the inspiration behind three new designs from our latest collection.

The Coastal collection features three intricate Shibori-style rugs, Ichi, Ni, and San. To keep the organic beauty and authentic nature of shibori our Head of Design, Zane, chose to hand-dye samples using the centuries-old Itajime technique to achieve the shibori designs rather than create them digitally. Learn more about his process below.

The Itajime technique begins with placing folded cotton fabric between two pieces of wood to create an organic design with blurred lines of indigo. For this process, Zane used cotton shirting, acrylic rulers, rubber bands and an indigo dye that was specially formulated to achieve the blue hue. He pleated the shirting accordion style in between the rulers and held it together using rubber bands. Once the fabric is secure he carefully submerged the piece into the dye allowing it to soak for a few minutes. Repeating this process using different methods of pleating and folding led to the creation of our Shibori-style rugs, Ichi, Ni, and San.

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