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New Year New Ruggable Home

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New Year New Ruggable Home

If you're ready to spruce things up in your home for the new year, start with your Ruggable. Whether you have a pet or kid home, our interchangeable rug covers allow you to create your dream space any time. Switch it up in your kitchen, nursery or bedroom - it’s that easy!

A rug can make all the difference in a room’s decor. With just a simple switch, a living room can go from contemporary to eclectic, or graduate a nursery to grade-school sophistication.  Our rug covers are lightweight and easy to store, making it easy to play with geometric, traditional and floral designs. Our newest collection of Persian rugs is a modern take on traditional motifs with new colorways for that Ruggable twist.

More than just a washable rug and designed for function, our low pile and low profile rugs are a safer, sustainable, non-toxic and hypoallergenic alternative to traditional rugs for any home. Get Inspired for the new year and add a fresh look to your space. Happy New Year!

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  • RUGGABLE says:
    05.14.19 at 11:04am

    Hi Judy! We haven’t tried the Roomba ourselves, however we’ve received mixed reviews from customers. Some customers think it works great while others advise against it. The Roomba is low suction botvac so it works well on the rug itself, however there is a chance it can get caught on the edges and snag so you may want to monitor it. Keep us posted!

  • Judy Stephens says:
    05.14.19 at 10:56am

    Can I use my Roomba on my ruggable?

  • Patsy says:
    03.03.19 at 10:14pm

    I’m in love with your product and heard rumblings that new sizes are on the horizon! Can you talk to your peeps and put in a good word for a rug somewhere between 5×7 and 8×10?
    I desperately need a Ruggable under the dining room table but 8×10 is too big and 5×7 too small.
    Please, please, please! 🤞🏻

  • Renee Garcia says:
    02.25.19 at 06:01pm

    Hi Beth! At this time we do not offer the 4×6 size, we hope to offer more sizes for our washable area rugs. Stay tuned!

  • Renee Garcia says:
    02.25.19 at 05:58pm

    Hi Kathleen! No, our washable area rugs do not change color when you vacuum them. Our rug system is not carpet and is a very low pile, we suggest using a low suction vacuum. Keep us posted!

  • Kathleen says:
    02.20.19 at 11:39am

    Do the rugs change color when you vacuum them different ways?

  • Beth says:
    02.20.19 at 11:39am

    Pleas make 4,6,7 foot round rugs!

  • Jerilyn Muhlhausen says:
    01.28.19 at 10:08am

    Can I put this over existing wall to wall carpet?

  • Eileen Bradford says:
    01.15.19 at 09:56pm

    Do you offer sample swatches for you Ruggables?

  • Loretta says:
    01.15.19 at 09:59pm

    I really want one of your rugs, but it appears that I can’t put it on top of an old carpet. My landlord wont let me remove it. Is it true your rug can’t be put on top carpet?