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Cozy Ruggable Winter

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Cozy Ruggable Winter

Let's face it, it’s cold outside and some of us may be stuck inside for a large portion of the season. Keeping your home and pets warm is key during these winter months.

So why not add a winter friendly Ruggable rug to brighten and warm up the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom spaces? Our washable rugs add a touch of cozy to any space.

Buffalo Black and White

Buffalo check is a popular Scottish plaid, often used in sweaters and wool blankets. Our take on the Buffalo Check Black and White is the perfect way to bring that sweater feel into your room.

Malileh Heriz Opal

When you wake up in the middle of the night, the last thing you want your feet to touch on the way to get some water is cold tile. Persian rugs have been making a huge comeback everywhere, and one of the most unexpected but delightful places is in the bathroom! In a bathroom full of cold tile and bright lights, the right rug can make the whole room feel warm and snug.

Lunja Border Teal Blue

Have you tried rugs in unusual places? If you are thinking about warming up your space, play with adding a pop of color or texture. Curl up with your pooch, spend lazy days in or create your own chill zone all with a cozy and washable rug.

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  • Edith Meyer says:
    06.18.19 at 10:26am

    I love the concept of these washable rugs. Please consider adding oval and round shaped to your choices.

  • Renee Garcia says:
    03.30.19 at 09:30pm

    Hi Joanie Chamberlin!
    Yes, please email us at for details :)

  • Renee Garcia says:
    03.30.19 at 09:29pm

    Hi Dru Strahl!
    We hope to offer more sizes, stay tuned!

  • Joanie Chamberlin says:
    03.30.19 at 09:16pm

    I am an interior designer who loves your rugs. My company is Design Themes registered in Missouri-what accommodation do you make for designers? I would love to use your products!

  • Dru Strahl says:
    03.28.19 at 10:44am

    I wish you made smaller rugs..

  • Renee Garcia says:
    02.25.19 at 05:48pm

    Hi Susan! For now, we only have one runner size, which is the 2.5×7 machine washable runner. We hope to introduce more entryway runner sizes in the future.

  • Susan says:
    02.02.19 at 06:41pm

    I am very interested in trying your rugs, especially a runner for my kitchen. But I need it to be 8 feet long and all your runners seem to be 7 feet. Do have any 8 feet?