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The Moroccan Collection: From Concept to Design

We’re excited to give you a “behind-the-scenes” tour of the design process of our new collection of washable rugs, Moroccan Berber. Moroccan hand woven rugs incorporate rich, bold colors with traditional geometric patterns. Each design tells a story of nomadic travels, evoking the calming yet unforgiving nature of the Moroccan desert landscape. Our designers drew from this tradition and gave this collection a twist of modernity.

From concept to reality, each design is methodically considered and carefully rendered in sketches. These sketches aim to preserve the true Berber hand woven aesthetic on our washable 2-piece rug system. Next, artistic modifications including shape, color and texture are made. Once the final design is complete it is digitally rendered and beautifully depicted as you can see in this collection. Our Ruggable Moroccan collection will make you feel like you're halfway across the world all in the comfort of your own home.
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  • judith hansen says:
    12.20.18 at 08:19am

    I’m waiting for my first “Ruggable” delivery with great hope. After having to toss literally 7 handwoven Persian rugs out due to living with a “pee-bottom”… a choice between dog or carpet. I am now hoping to have both.

    Without exaggeration, the Persian carpet cleaner on Temple St. just west of Alvarado (LA) knows me all too well. But I was going broke. It seems that once a dog pees on a wool carpet, the smell is embedded. Or so it was with my carpets, a few of them with longer pile. They were all in shades of red. If my soon to be delivered carpet works as well as the accolades pouring in, I will try the red Persian you offer. The design is beautiful.

    Thanks so much for thinking out a raging problem with apt dwelling dog owners…the dog who makes “mistakes.” “Pee-bottom” has a small bladder but a large and generous heart. I had decided she was worth going carpet-less for, but now it seems I can have both.

    Cheers. And, I’m glad you are located in LA. We need industry and yours seems so smart.

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