"Ruggable sent me two rugs to try out and I cannot recommend them enough!"

-Phil de Franco

Good things come in 2 pieces

When we designed the first Ruggable rug, we knew it was impossible to put an entire rug in the washing machine. So we designed a lightweight rug “cover” that attached to a thick rug pad. Now that’s teamwork.

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It's -proof a lot of things

Coffee, pizza, wine, you name it. Spill it all over this rug, pick it up, and just stick it in the wash. Good as new!

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How does Ruggable work?


Spill whatever you want (or whatever you didn’t want) all over your Ruggable rug.

Peel Up

Separate the Ruggable cover from the pad.

Wash & Dry

Wash and dry your Ruggable cover.


Enjoy your clean rug!

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