We Are Ruggable

Got spills? We can handle them.

Made In LA

Our print rugs are printed, cut, sewn and packaged locally in LA. We work with certified suppliers in Korea, China, Germany and Mexico to source cost-effective, sustainable materials.


We strive to offer a Ruggable selection for every popular design trend and genre so you never have to sacrifice style for washability. We work with talented textile designers from LA, NYC, Europe and Turkey.


We use water-based ink for printing that is nontoxic and considered wearable (like clothing). This also prevents the printing machines we use from creating harmful fumes.


We strictly use suppliers that are repeatedly inspected and certified to meet or surpass environmental, safety, social, and ethical standards. Moreover, we personally visit our factories throughout the year and witness this firsthand.

Giving Back

We are committed to sharing in our success, and work with a wide-range of organizations, both locally and globally, to help support in whatever way we can. Our philanthropic director can be contacted by emailing press@ruggable.com.


Our custom rug pad fiber consists of polyester (95%) made from recycled fiber. The nonslip portion of the rug pad consists of thermoplastic resin (TPR). TPR creates little to no waste during manufacturing as defective product can be melted back to raw material and reused.

Team Design Favorites

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Victoria Garnet
“I love how this timeless design brings a vintage feel to any room.”
Jeneva, Founder
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Watercolor Waves Sandstone
“This nature-inspired rug adds a beautiful flow of color to your space.”
Zane, Art Director
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Diamond Dalia Beige Ivory
“This neutral rug is versatile and compliments all kinds of decor.”
Linda, Marketing Dir
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Kilim Batik Multicolor
“I love how the bold colors and intricate design of this rug tie a room together.”
Roxana, Designer

A Message From Our Founder

Many years ago, my dog ruined my new, expensive rug because the odor from the accident sunk deeply into the thick, structured core.

I set out to create a rug you could wash as easily as bedding or blankets. It was also important to me that it still looked stylish and mistakably similar to a traditional rug.  

Getting to this point often seemed impossible, but with the help of industry experts, and an amazing team, we are finally able to deliver on our promise.

We now have a waterproof barrier within our covers to prevent liquids from seeping into the underlying nonslip rug pad. Stains and odors easily and conveniently wash away in your home washing machine.

And, recent fabric and printing technologies have made it possible to create upscale looks so you don’t need to sacrifice style.

Thank you in advance for giving our product a try.

We know you will love it!