Rug IconAbout Our Outdoor Rugs

The Outdoor Rug Cover is made of polyester with a polyurethane water-resistant barrier.

Though made with the same polyester material, the Outdoor Rug Cover has a thicker weave, yielding a more durable construction that still feels great underneath your feet. The Outdoor Rug Cover is also designed and crafted to maintain its color and structure when exposed to the sun or inclement weather conditions.

Yes, the Rug Pad is universal. You can use it both for your Indoor and Outdoor Rug Covers.

Absolutely! However, your Indoor Rug Cover should not be used outdoors.

Not just yet. Our Outdoor Rug Covers have their own designs, and we’re still coming up with more design options, so stay tuned!

So many places! Patios, balconies, pool decks, or even transitional spaces like sunrooms and porches where regular indoor rugs wouldn’t normally last, are the perfect spots for outdoor rugs.

The Outdoor Rug Cover was built with UV-resistance in mind. It has been lab-tested to withstand the equivalent of two years of direct sunlight exposure with extremely minimal fading and the equivalent of five years of direct sunlight exposure with fading. Please note that your rug’s ability to resist fading will depend on many local factors, including the amount and intensity of sunlight, temperature, humidity, altitude, and more.

Our Outdoor Rug Covers are water-resistant and should hold up just fine when left outside in the rain. However, even though they are naturally mildew and mold-resistant, our Outdoor Rug Covers should not be left sitting wet for prolonged periods of time. To protect your Outdoor Rug, tuck it away during winter or heavy rain season. It’s fine to leave your Outdoor Rug outside in a storm, however, if sunnier days will follow soon.

While the Outdoor Rug Covers are built to be durable, it’s best to clean and store them indoors before the snow season starts or during any other extreme weather conditions.