Watercolor Rugs

Watercolor rugs and runners are a stunning choice for any space in your home. Offering unique textures, colors, and artistic designs, our washable watercolor area rugs will transform your space.

Watercolor Rugs

Watercolor rugs and runners are a stunning choice for any space in your home.

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About Our Watercolor Rugs

Watercolor area rugs and runners are stunning options if you’re looking to add unique color palettes and detailed texture to your space. Their stunning designs give the illusion of a hand-painted piece of watercolor artwork that will draw attention and complete your decor in any room of your home. From vibrant floral patterns to muted herringbone watercolor designs, there are many excellent watercolor rugs and runners to choose from.

Select a Classic Rug Pad that will give your watercolor rug a low-profile look that’s simple and easy to vacuum. Or, select a Cushioned Rug Pad for extra comfort and a sound dampening effect.

How to Choose a Watercolor Rug

Rug Size: Our watercolor rugs are available in a wide selection of sizes. Choose from smaller accent rugs and runners, including 2x3 and 3x5 rectangular rugs or 6’ and 8’ round rugs. Or, go bold with a large area in an 8x10 or 9x12 size that is ideal underneath living room furniture, below a queen-sized bed, or paired with a large dining room table.

Rug Color: While vibrant colors are typically signature to watercolor looks, you can select from both colorful and neutral color palettes in our watercolor rugs. Bright pink, red, and blue hues in a floral watercolor design are the perfect choice to brighten up or add a statement piece to any area in your home.

Our neutral options pair the look of watercolor painting with simple cream and beige hues, as well as geometric patterns for the perfect combination of artistic and modern decor. For a stunning coastal or beachy look, consider a watercolor rug with a design resembling sweeping blue waves.

Where to Place a Watercolor Rug

Love the look of our watercolor designs, but not sure how you’d style it? Read below for some ideas and inspiration!

In the Living Room: A vibrant, floral watercolor rug is a bold option for your living room decor, featuring beautiful coral and red hues in larger-than-life flowers. Select a large 8x10 or 9x12 size and pair it with light-colored couches and wooden furniture for a stunning look.

In the Kitchen: Add a blue watercolor rug or runner to a kitchen with neutral countertops and wooden cabinetry. Or, warm up an all-white kitchen with colorful watercolor flowers!

In the Dining Room: Pair a herringbone watercolor rug in a neutral color palette to highlight beautiful dining room furniture. An 8x10 or 9x12 size will fit best beneath a table that seats six to eight people.

Washable Watercolor Rugs to the Rescue

You can count on your gorgeous Ruggable watercolor area rug to stay beautiful for years to come, even if you live with children and pets. Simply remove the Rug Cover from the Rug Pad and put it in the wash!

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