Trellis Rugs

Trellis rugs and runners offer a simple and classic geometric design that will give your home an elegant look, no matter how you style it. Select from a variety of colors, sizes, and textures below to find the perfect washable trellis area rug for your space.

Trellis Rugs

Trellis rugs and runners offer a simple and classic geometric design that will give your home an elegant look, no matter how you style it.

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About Our Trellis Rugs

Trellis rugs and runners are an elegant choice when adding a geometric pattern to your home decor. A Moroccan-inspired trellis design can easily add an upscale, contemporary look to your living room or dining room decor.

If you’re a Disney fan, our trellis designs are also available in a Mickey Mouse-inspired pattern to tastefully incorporate your love for Disney into your home’s decor.

Our trellis rugs include our two-part system, which includes a Rug Cover and Rug Pad. The Rug Cover is made of a durable, water-resistant, and stain-resistant material that features a design of your choice, while the Rug Pad keeps it firmly in place.

How to Choose a Trellis Rug

Rug Size: Choose from a wide selection of rug sizes in our trellis design. Our rectangular sizes include small 2x3 and 3x5 accent rugs that’s perfect for entryways and kitchens, as well as large 5x7, 6x9, 8x10, and 9x12 rugs to tie together an entire room’s decor. Our trellis rugs are also available in runner sizes, as well as round rugs.

Rug Color: The color options in our trellis rugs and runners range from neutral beige tones to bright pink designs. No matter what you choose, the light accents in the trellis pattern is sure to brighten up any room.

Where to Place a Trellis Rug

In the Living Room: Large trellis rugs are the perfect bold yet elegant geometric design that will add dimension and texture to your living room space. Select a trellis rug color that will complement your furniture, and choose a large size such as a 9x12 that will fill nearly the entire room.

In the Dining Room: Arguably the best room in the house to place a trellis area rug is your dining room! Add a trellis design beneath an antique-style dining room table. Pair it with flowers and golden accents in your table’s centerpiece, and you’ve created a classy, elegant, and inviting space to hold family gatherings, holiday meals, and more.

In the Kitchen: Narrow trellis designs look stunning in a runner rug. If you have a galley-style kitchen or a kitchen with an island, consider adding a trellis runner rug to one of these areas for a pop of classic style.

Outside/On the Patio: A trellis rug is a perfect pattern for a porch setting. It will complement many different porch furniture designs, and the space can be easily completed with some plants and greenery.

Washable Trellis Rugs to the Rescue

A classic trellis area rug design should never be ruined by stains. With our washable trellis rugs, you can wash your rug as often as needed. If you spill a drink or track in mud on your shoes on a rainy day, simply remove your Rug Cover from its Rug Pad and put it in the washing machine. Keeping your home’s area rugs looking fresh and clean has never been easier!

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