Retro Rugs

If you love the style of decades past, then a retro rug is just what your home needs. Elevate your decor and fuel your nostalgia with our washable rugs in funky patterns and colors reminiscent of retro style.

Retro Rugs

If you love the style of decades past, then a retro rug is just what your home needs.

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About Our Retro Rugs

If you have a love for all things funky and vintage, then a retro rug or runner will surely elevate your home’s decor. From unique patterns and designs to vibrant and vintage color schemes, our bold and unique retro rugs and runners are just what your retro heart’s been looking for.

Retro rug designs will complement a vintage boho-chic style, old Hollywood glam, and trendy mid-century modern decor. Or, match them to your personal unique decor style!

How to Style a Retro Rug

Retro rugs look best when paired with other retro accents. Pair a vibrantly colored retro rug with rich wood and elegant gold accents within the space. Feel free to think outside the box and experiment with funky and unique color and pattern combinations. For example, pair a retro geometric rug with a wall collage of unique illustrations and shapes. Retro style is all about eccentric combos after all!

Where to Place a Retro Rug

In the Living Room: Add a 6x9 retro accent rug beneath a vintage coffee table, or large rug to define and complete the entire living area. A round rug with one to two vintage comfy chairs creates a perfect landing space or reading nook in an open concept living area. A retro runner rug in the hallway or entryway creates a welcoming feel for guests upon entering your home. No matter how you style your retro rug of choice, it’ll effortlessly add an eccentric vibe to your living room.

In the Dining Room: For a unique and eye-catching look, try pairing different shapes in your retro dining room. Place a rectangular rug beneath a round or oval-shaped dining room table to add an interesting dimension to the room.

In the Bedroom: You could add a retro rug the classic way by framing the bed with a rug underneath. Or, you could add a unique element by reimagining the possibilities. Add a round retro rug at the foot of your bed, or a runner in front of your dresser to highlight its vintage details and create a walkway. Retro designs call for creative styling!

Washable Retro Rugs to the Rescue

No matter what retro area rug you choose, you can be sure that it’ll always stay fresh and clean with our washable design. To clean your retro area rug, simply remove the Rug Cover from the Rug Pad and wash it in your home washing machine. Then, reattach the Cover to the Pad and you’re done!

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