Red Runner Rugs

From Persian designs to bold geometric patterns, our washable red runner rugs are a stunning addition to any high-traffic, narrow space in your home. Browse our selection and picture how a stunning red runner rug could liven up your hallway, kitchen, entryway, or bathroom.

Red Runner Rugs

From Persian designs to bold geometric patterns, our washable red runner rugs are a stunning addition to any high-traffic, narrow space in your home.

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About Our Red Runner Rugs

A red runner is a bold and eye-catching accent for your home, no matter your style. From Persian-inspired designs in deep ruby hues to contemporary stripes and buffalo plaid in vibrant shades, a red runner is sure to make a statement.

You can find red runners in two dimensions: 2.5x7 and 2.5x10. Pair your red runner with our classic Rug Pad for a low-profile look, or select our cushioned Rug Pad for a comfier feel!

How to Choose a Red Runner Rug

To select the best red runner option for you, be sure to consider your existing decor. If your home has a modern farmhouse vibe, then a Persian design with a bordered pattern and distressed detail might be a beautiful accent for your home. If you are a lover of contemporary decor, a bold geometric or Moroccan-inspired pattern may be the perfect choice for you.

Our selection of red runner rugs also come in a range of whimsical designs, including Christmas-themed patterns, Disney-inspired designs, and fun fruits. You can even select a red and blue runner rug for a nautical or patriotic look.

Where to Place a Red Runner Rug

In the Kitchen: A red runner rug is an elegant yet colorful statement for a modern kitchen. It contrasts especially well with bright white cabinetry and countertops. Place a red kitchen runner along your island, in front of your kitchen sink, or beneath bar stools along your countertop. It’ll add a warm and inviting feel to balance the sleek and clean look of most modern kitchens.

In the Hallway: Hallways are the perfect spot for a red runner rug! This part of your home can often be left out of the decor scheme, so a statement runner is the perfect accent to spruce up this space. Red runner rugs for hallways look best when there is space between the edge of the rug and the wall for the flooring underneath to be exposed.

In the Bathroom: Add a fun pop of color and warm up your bathroom with a bright red runner rug. Bathrooms often lack pattern and dimension, so consider a bold print that will liven up the space.

In the Entryway: Give your guests a warm welcome with a red runner rug in the entryway. Place the rug in front of a bench or coat rack, or lead guests into your home by adding a red runner in a narrow foyer.

Washable Red Runner Rugs to the Rescue

Enjoy life in a stylish space without worrying that your beautiful rugs will get ruined. Our washable design will stand up to messy pets and kids, gatherings with family and friends, dirt, spills, and more. When your red runner rug needs washed, simply remove the Rug Cover from its Rug Pad and put it through a wash cycle. It’ll be clean and vibrant in no time.

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