Red Outdoor Rugs

From modern geometric patterns to tropical designs, a red outdoor rug is sure to liven up your patio, porch, or balcony.

Red Outdoor Rugs

From modern geometric patterns to tropical designs, a red outdoor rug is sure to liven up your patio, porch, or balcony.

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About Our Red Outdoor Rugs

Ruggable red outdoor rugs provide a vibrant pop of color that’s perfect for summer. Styles and patterns include stripes, gingham plaid, tropical floral prints, and geometric designs. You’ll find red hues combined with navy, grey, and black in many of our rug designs.

When combined with blue details, a red outdoor rug provides a patriotic Americana style, perfect for summer gatherings and 4th of July festivities!

How to Choose a Red Outdoor Rug

Rug Size: When adding a red outdoor rug to your porch or patio, be sure to measure the dimensions so that you can order the correct size. You could add a runner along a walkway or in front of an outdoor bar, fill your whole porch with a large area rug, or place a small outdoor rug near a back patio door. All of these things require careful measurement to determine the perfect size of rug.

Rug Style: When choosing the perfect red outdoor rug for your porch or patio, be sure to consider your typical decor style, as well as what elements are already in the space. If you already have patterns in the space, will the rug design you’ve chosen complement or clash with those patterns? Try to picture in your mind what the space will look like with each option.

How to Style a Red Outdoor Rug

Red outdoor rugs are a versatile choice that matches a variety of decor styles. Defined geometric patterns look great with modern styles, and red is the perfect pop of color for minimalist decor. Try a red and grey color combination for this type of decor.

For an outdoorsy or tropical style, try adding a red palm leaf print beneath a shaded pergola. If you love bohemian decor, add a red striped outdoor rug to your space. Also, red plaid is a classic colorful addition to a farmhouse-style backyard.

Red and blue outdoor rugs look fantastic with natural accents like light brown wood and wicker, as well as bright whites and creams to create a summery vibe.

Although red color combinations in outdoor space are most common in the summertime, this color palette will also beautifully transition to fall and winter, creating a warm and inviting feel even on chillier days.

Washable Red Outdoor Rugs to the Rescue

With messy pets and kids, washable rugs are a must-have. When you’re having fun in the sun with ice cream, cold drinks, and other tasty treats, a mess is bound to land on your beautiful rug. Make sure it’s a washable rug so that one mess doesn’t ruin your whole day!

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