Red and Black Rugs

From bold geometric patterns to subtle stripes, a washable red and black rug is a dramatic accent for your indoor or outdoor space. Choose from a wide selection of sizes and patterns to find the perfect statement piece to transform any room in your home.

Red and Black Rugs

From bold geometric patterns to subtle stripes, a washable red and black rug is a dramatic accent for your indoor or outdoor space.

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About Our Red and Black Rugs

Add a moody and dramatic accent to your space with a red and black rug. Featuring a wide selection of patterns for nearly any style, our red and black rug options are the perfect pop of color that you’ve been on the hunt for. Our red and black rugs can be displayed indoors and outdoors, and come in a wide range of options. From small accent rugs and runners to large area rugs that fill a room.

How to Choose a Red and Black Rug

Love our red and black rugs, but not sure how to choose the right one for your space? Continue reading for some ideas and helpful tips to make your choice a little bit easier.

Rug Size: A round rug, long runner, or small rectangular size like 3x5 or 5x7 can be a beautiful accent piece to add a pop of style. Add a small red and black rug under a living room coffee table, small kitchen table, or entryway.

Alternatively, our larger red and black rug sizes, such as 8x10 and 9x12 will fill up the room and transform its style. These rug sizes will fit beneath all of your living furniture or dining room table, as well as fill up a back porch space.

Rug Style and Pattern: You can achieve a wide range of decor schemes with a red and black rug. Black and red buffalo plaid or stripes are perfect for a contemporary space, while Moroccan-inspired geometric patterns will complete a beautiful boho look.

Where to Place a Red and Black Rug

In the Living Room: To add a red and black rug to your living room, lay down a large 8x10 or 9x12 rug beneath all of your couches and chairs, or use these sizes to define a living room space from an open concept plan.

You can also add a round red and black rug as an accent to separate a reading nook from the rest of your space, or place a 5x7 rug beneath your coffee table for a small pop of color. Pair your red and black rug with cream or white furniture for a dramatic high-contrast color scheme.

In the Dining Room: A red and black area rug can create a regal look in your dining room space. An 8x10 red and black rug will fit perfectly beneath a medium-sized dining room table that seats six, while a larger dining room table will pair well with our 9x12 size.

In the Kitchen: There are so many options for adding a red and black area rug to your kitchen. For a large and open kitchen, lay down an 8x10 area rug to fill up the space. If you have a narrow kitchen or a kitchen with an island, consider placing a red and black runner in front of your kitchen sink.

Washable Red and Black Rugs to the Rescue

Your statement red and black rug can stay bold and beautiful all the time with our signature washable design! Any time your rug gets dirty or just needs freshening up, wash the Rug Cover in your home washing machine to keep it looking its best.

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