Orange Rugs

Bring a fiery energy into your home with our machine-washable orange rugs and runners. Shop a variety of hues, from coral to tangerine to burnt orange, and color combos, including orange blue and orange and brown rugs, for a bold, vibrant look.

Orange Rugs

Bring a fiery energy into your home with our machine-washable orange rugs and runners.

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Stain & Water Resistant

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About Our Orange Rugs

If you’re looking to bring a sense of energy or warmth into your home, look no further than our orange rugs and runners. Ranging in shades, from coral to tangerine to rust, and in a variety of styles, like vintage, boho, and contemporary, you’ll find an orange rug to suit your needs.

How to Choose an Orange Rug

Whether you’re looking for a seasonal orange rug to usher in fall or simply want to add an energetic pop to your space, we’ve got an orange accent rug to suit your home decor needs.

Color Pairings: Contrasting rug color combos—like red and orange, blue and orange, and pink and orange—will make a bold statement in any room. Softer pairings—including cream and orange, orange and white, and orange and brown—are more versatile and will easily go with other colors in your home.

Patterns: Orange rugs look great year round if you’re looking to bring warmth and a pop of color into your space. Whether you want to spice up your farmhouse decor, play up a mid-century modern theme, or add some color to your boho space, an orange rug or runner is a great choice. With our orange rugs, It’s easier than ever to decorate your space for the season. Try one of our orange rugs in a fun pattern, like autumn leaves, pumpkins and jack-o’-lanterns, or Halloween-themed, for a fun way to embrace the time of year and incorporate it into your home.

Where to Place an Orange Rug

No matter what room you’re looking to add an orange rug, we have an option for you. Our orange rugs come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, including 6x9, 8x10, 9x12, round, and runner, so you’ll always find the right fit.

In the Living Room: Orange rugs can bring a vintage feel to your space. Try incorporating a green and orange or brown and orange rug into your living room for a stylish throwback.

In the Dining Room: The dining room is the perfect place to add an orange rug in honor of Halloween or Thanksgiving. Try one of our orange rugs in a fun, seasonal pattern under the table and you’ll impress all your guests.

In the Bedroom: An orange rug will warm up any room, so adding one to the bedroom will make the space extra cozy, especially when paired with neutral-colored furniture and bedding.

Washable Orange Rugs to the Rescue

No matter what happens in your home, you can rest easy knowing all our orange rugs are water-resistant and stain-resistant. They’re also machine-washable, so you can keep your orange rug looking its best without worrying about spills or pet accidents.