Light Blue Rugs

Elegant and calming, our washable light blue rugs create a relaxing space in your home. See these rugs in a variety of patterns, including geometric, abstract, and vintage.

Light Blue Rugs

Elegant and calming, our washable light blue rugs create a relaxing space in your home.

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About Our Light Blue Rugs

Light blue area rugs are an elegant and calming choice for your home decor. They can transform any room in your home into a relaxing and peaceful oasis. Whether it’s a bedroom, nursery, or living room, allow a light blue area rug to create a fresh and inviting space in your home.

How to Choose a Light Blue Rug

Rug Size: You’ll find a wide selection of sizes when browsing our light blue rug options. Our rectangular rug sizes include 2x3, 3x5, 5x7, 6x9, 8x10, and 9x12, and you’ll find light blue rugs available in round shapes and runners, too.

Be sure to measure your space accurately to decide what size you’ll need. If you’re laying down a rug over nearly your entire floor, you’ll need a larger rectangular size. Or, opt for a smaller size to go beneath a coffee table or side table as an accent piece.

Rug Style: If you’re looking to create a simple space, then opt for a solid light blue rug or one with a very subtle pattern. Or, if your space needs more dimension and texture, choose an interesting geometric pattern to contrast the simplicity of the space and bring in a modern feel.

Where to Place a Light Blue Rug

In the Living Room: Light blue area rugs are perfect for a cool neutral living room color scheme. You could lay down a large blue rug that covers most of the floor’s area to bring together a cozy and inviting space or add a small round rug beneath a side table as an accent piece. Pair it with bright whites and creams, as well as grey accents for a simple space with subtle color. For contrast, include dark wooden accents in your decor scheme as well.

In the Bedroom: Allow a light blue rug to transform your bedroom into a relaxing oasis. Choose a size that’s large enough to fill much of the floor, and place it beneath the bed so that it will be visible around its perimeter. The cool blue color will make your room feel like a restorative oasis that you can’t wait to come home to each night.

In the Nursery: A light blue area rug in a delicate pastel shade is just perfect for your baby’s nursery. Choose subtle yet intricate designs for a sweet and soothing space. To fill the entire space with a soft floor for your baby to play, choose a larger, rectangular light blue nursery rug.

Washable Light Blue Rugs to the Rescue

You no longer need to be wary of light-colored rugs. Even the biggest messes will easily come out of your Ruggable light blue rug when cleaned in your home washing machine. Now, pets, children, and beautiful light blue rugs can all live happily together under the same roof!

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