Grey Outdoor Rugs

From abstract designs to geometric patterns and neutral floral prints, there’s a perfect washable grey outdoor rugs for everyone.

Grey Outdoor Rugs

From abstract designs to geometric patterns and neutral floral prints, there’s a perfect washable grey outdoor rugs for everyone.

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About Our Grey Outdoor Rugs

Grey outdoor rugs are a versatile choice for your porch or patio. They’re the perfect neutral that will complement a variety of types of decor and will adapt to changing decor trends to be a piece you’ll love for years to come.

Grey outdoor rugs will also beautifully complement a space that is already full of color. Try pairing your grey rug with vibrant greenery, colorful furniture, and fun accents such as bright throw pillows. It’s sure to be the perfect finishing touch on a gorgeous space!

Some of the patterns and designs available in our grey outdoor rugs include geometric patterns, abstract designs, stripes, honeycomb, and floral prints.

How to Choose a Grey Outdoor Rug

Love the look of a grey outdoor rug, but not sure how to pick just one? Read below for tips and inspiration to help you pick the best outdoor rug for your porch or patio.

Rug Size: Different size rugs can create different effects, from filling an entire porch to separating a sitting area from the rest of your patio to adding an accent to the space with a small outdoor rug or runner. Before you buy, decide on the layout and how much floor space you want your rug to cover on your porch or patio. to make sure your rug will fit perfectly.

Rug Style: There are so many options when it comes to choosing a grey outdoor rug, it can be hard to pick just one. To select the rug design that’s perfect for you, consider the type of decor, colors, and patterns that you already have in your home.

For a modern space, a honeycomb or diamond geometric design would be a stunning choice. For a bohemian or eclectic space, lay down a grey and white geometric or Moroccan-style rug.

If you’ve already got plenty of patterns in your space, consider which patterns would combine well with your existing decor. Or, play it safe and choose a solid-colored grey rug. If your space is lacking dimension, a fun print might just be the perfect decor accent for you!

Where to Place a Grey Outdoor Rug

A grey outdoor rug is a perfect choice to fill most of your patio or porch and complete the space. Or, if you’re looking to create a smaller sitting area or reading nook, a comfortable chair and table on top of a round grey outdoor rug will create a chill, relaxing outdoor spot. All of your outdoor rugs also double as indoor rugs, too. Once you’re ready for a change, you’ll have the option to bring your grey indoor outdoor rug to a place inside your home as well.

Washable Grey Outdoor Rugs to the Rescue

Colorful stains have no place on a neutral grey outdoor rug. That’s why all of our rugs are stain-resistant and machine washable. They’re water-resistant too, so there’s no need to worry about mold and mildew, even after a little rain.

Our outdoor rug styles are designed to stand up against all the elements and are even resistant to fading as a result of UV rays. However, prolonged direct exposure to the sun may lead to some loss of color in your rug, so make sure to store your outdoor rug in the winter to keep it looking its best.

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