Green Runner Rugs

From muted sage to dramatic forest green, there are so many options when it comes to choosing a green runner rug. Our washable green runners feature designs like floral, geometric, and Persian-inspired prints. They’re the perfect size to liven up a hallway, kitchen, bathroom, or any narrow space in your home.

Green Runner Rugs

From muted sage to dramatic forest green, there are so many options when it comes to choosing a green runner rug.

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About Our Green Runner Rugs

When it comes to decorative area rugs for your home, green is the new neutral. The color is calming and helps promote a sense of relaxation, making it the perfect color to decorate with. Add a green runner rug to your entryway, kitchen, hallway, or even your patio for a trendy and earthy look.

Choose between two sizes of our green runner rugs: 2.5x7 and 2.5x10. Go for a classic rug pad for a low-profile look, or select our cushioned rug pad for a comfier feel.

How to Choose a Green Runner Rug

Rug Pattern: Select from a variety of patterns, including tropical palm leaf designs, beautiful Persian-inspired prints, and classic geometric and striped options. Bold and defined patterns look great in a contemporary space, while a vintage or distressed design will beautifully complement farmhouse or retro decor.

Rug Color: There are so many different shades to choose from when it comes to our green runner rugs. For a natural and earthy look, consider a sage green runner rug or an olive green runner rug. If you love coastal style, a seafoam green runner is the perfect choice. To brighten up your space, try a lime green runner rug, which will make a fun and eccentric statement.

Where to Place a Green Runner Rug

In the Kitchen: A cool green runner rug is the perfect way to balance a kitchen with warm tones, like natural wood kitchen cabinets or exposed brick accents. A green kitchen runner looks stunning in front of your kitchen sink or underneath bar stools along an island. An intricate pattern will add dimension and give your kitchen a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

In the Hallway: The hallway is possibly the perfect spot for a green runner rug. An emerald green runner rug is an excellent color to add a subtle accent to this high-traffic area of your home. If you have an especially long hallway, don’t be afraid to place two runners.

In the Bathroom: The cool and natural tones of a green runner rug will transform your bathroom into a spa-like escape. Lay down a green runner rug in front of your double vanity, or even cover the entire length of a narrow bathroom space. It’s the perfect subtle accent to complement natural wood or white bathroom cabinetry.

In the Entryway: A green runner rug will bring the natural tones from outdoors into your home and create the perfect transition space for welcoming guests. Make a statement with a bold hunter green runner rug for a dramatic look. Or, complement a bright and airy feel with a light green runner rug.

Washable Green Runner Rugs to the Rescue

When laying down a cool green runner rug, there’s nothing worse than an unsightly stain, whether it’s nail polish spilled in the bathroom, food dropped in the kitchen, or mud tracked into your entryway. Luckily, your green runner can stay fresh and clean all the time thanks to our innovative washable rug design. Simply toss your Rug Cover into the wash to keep it looking its best.

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