Floral Outdoor Rugs

Liven up your outdoor space with our washable floral outdoor rugs. Choose vibrant blooms for a pop of color, or stick with a delicate neutral pattern for a subtle look.

Floral Outdoor Rugs

Liven up your outdoor space with our washable floral outdoor rugs.

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About Our Floral Outdoor Rugs

Floral outdoor rugs are a gorgeous addition to any outdoor space! There are so many options when it comes to floral rugs: choose from geometric floral patterns or a style reminiscent of a watercolor painting. Vibrant colors will liven up your outdoor space, while muted neutrals and pastels can add an earthy vibe.

How to Choose a Floral Outdoor Rug

Not sure which size, color, or pattern is right for your space? With so many stunning options, it can be hard to choose. Allow the following information to help you decide!

Rug Size: Choosing the right size for your area rug can make or break your space. If you’re choosing an area rug for an outdoor sitting area, make sure that it is large enough that all of your outdoor furniture will fit onto the rug: this will bring together the space and create separation from the rest of your outdoor areas. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a small accent piece, add a small rug beneath a coffee or side table, or add a small 3x5 outdoor rug by the doorway to welcome guests into your home.

Rug Color: Choosing a color palette for your floral outdoor rug can seem challenging when you consider all of the colors, patterns, and textures that already exist in the space.

If you have neutral outdoor furniture, then a pop of color with a bright floral pattern will liven up your space. A navy floral outdoor rug will beautifully complement cerulean pool waters for a coastal vibe. If you’ve got bright and colorful outdoor furniture or lots of flowers and greenery planted in your space, then a black floral rug may be the perfect neutral piece to balance your decor.

Rug Pattern: There are so many different patterns to choose from when it comes to our floral outdoor rugs. There are vibrant watercolor blooms, geometric floral patterns that combine a bit of Moroccan style, as well as classic paisley prints.

When choosing a pattern, consider what colors and patterns are already present in your space. To play it safe, match colors that you already have and choose a more muted floral pattern if you’ve already got items with other patterns. But, don’t be afraid to experiment if you’re feeling bold! Outdoor spaces are meant to be fun, and unique combinations of colors and patterns can create a trendy and eclectic vibe!

How to Style a Floral Outdoor Rug

There are a variety of options when it comes to adding a floral outdoor rug to your space. A floral outdoor rug could be layered under your doormat to welcome guests into your home, or you could add a larger outdoor area rug to bring together a lounge area or outdoor dining table.

Washable Floral Outdoor Rugs to the Rescue

All of our floral outdoor rugs, as well as our floral indoor/outdoor rugs, are durable. Our floral outdoor rugs will stay vibrant and fresh for years to come, and maintenance has never been easier. Just toss them in the washing machine when they start to look dirty!

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