Farmhouse Runner Rugs

Featuring intricate designs paired with distressed details, our farmhouse runner rugs will give you a beautifully vintage look for your home. Perfect for a modern farmhouse, rustic farmhouse, and any other farmhouse-inspired theme.

Farmhouse Runner Rugs

Featuring intricate designs paired with distressed details, our farmhouse runner rugs will give you a beautifully vintage look for your home.

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About Our Farmhouse Runner Rugs

Our farmhouse runner rugs are the perfect combination of modern, rustic and worldly designs. Many of our farmhouse runners feature intricate Persian-inspired designs paired with distressed details for that authentically aged look.

Select between two sizes of our farmhouse runner rugs: 2.5x7 and 2.5x10. Go for a classic rug pad for a low-profile look, or select our cushioned rug pad for a comfier feel.

How to Choose a Farmhouse Runner Rug

Love the look of our farmhouse runners, but not sure which one is the right choice for you? Keep reading for ideas and tips for choosing and styling the perfect farmhouse runner for your home.

Rug Pattern: Our farmhouse runners come in beautifully intricate Persian-inspired designs, as well as Moroccan patterns and minimalist geometric shapes. Many of our farmhouse designs also feature borders and distressed details. These detailed features are the perfect subtle yet unique choice to transform hallways, bathrooms, entryways, and other narrow spaces lacking that pop of style.

Rug Color: When it comes to the colors in our farmhouse runner rugs, you’ll find nearly every color of the rainbow. Some feature neutral beige and cream tones for a subtle look that will beautifully complete an already styled space. Others feature beautiful combinations of reds, blues, teals, and more for a vibrant look that will transform a space lacking eye-catching elements.

Where to Place a Farmhouse Runner Rug

In the Kitchen: A farmhouse kitchen runner with vintage details and beautiful tones such as sage green or teal blue will beautifully complement a rustic and earthy kitchen. Warm up an all-white kitchen with a farmhouse kitchen runner rug in shades of cream and beige, or balance the warm tones of wooden cabinetry with a cool gray or blue runner.

In the Hallway: A farmhouse hallway runner is the perfect accent for your home’s overlooked narrow spaces. Our durable construction will protect your floors in these high-traffic areas while completing the space with stunning patterns and colors.

Be sure to choose a size that will allow some space between the rug and the walls. Additionally, if you have an exceptionally long hallway, consider pairing two of our farmhouse hallway runners.

In the Bathroom: A farmhouse bathroom runner is the perfect choice to add some pattern to a simple bathroom space. Complete the rustic farmhouse look with simple cabinetry as well as black hardware and fixtures. The narrow runner lengths lay down perfectly in front of a double vanity sink.

In the Entryway: Nothing looks more elegant in front of a pair of french doors than a stunning farmhouse runner. They also look perfect in a narrow foyer, in front of an entryway bench or coat rack, or to complement sliding glass doors.

Washable Farmhouse Runner Rugs to the Rescue

Whether your pet tracks mud or your children drop crumbs or spill drinks, our farmhouse runner rugs can handle it all. When it gets dirty, just remove the Rug Cover from its Rug Pad, put it through a cycle in your home washing machine, and reattach it once it’s dry. Your gorgeous farmhouse style will be like new once again.

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