Eclectic Rugs

Eclectic rugs feature vibrant colors and bold prints that introduce unique, yet sophisticated elements to your decor. Shop rectangular and round eclectic rugs for indoor or outdoor use, perfect for any room in your home.

Eclectic Rugs

Eclectic rugs feature vibrant colors and bold prints that introduce unique, yet sophisticated elements to your decor.

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About Our Eclectic Rugs

Our eclectic rugs and runners feature unique patterns and vibrant colors to make a statement in your home decor. These eye-catching designs are a great accent piece in any indoor or outdoor space.

How to Style an Eclectic Rug

An eclectic rug is the perfect way to add bold style and dimension to a simple space. Pair your eclectic rug with other unique decor elements for a unique look - even try mixing and matching patterns and textures. Or, allow the rug to shine on its own with simple furniture and decor choices.

A large 9x12 eclectic area rug can fill your room with bold patterns and vibrant colors, or a smaller 5x7 rectangular rug or 6’ round area is perfect to add a more subtle pop of color and style.

To add dimension to any room, try layering rugs of different dimensions and patterns. For example, you could place a statement round eclectic area rug on top of a larger solid or minimalist area rug. This is a unique choice that will give your space a cozy, yet stylish feel.

Where to Place an Eclectic Rug

In the Living Room: For a smaller accent, consider placing a bright and colorful eclectic area rug in a 5x7 size beneath a coffee table in your living room. Or create a separate landing space or reading nook with a comfy chair and side table paired with a 6’ round rug.

If you’re feeling especially bold, add an 8x10 or 9x12 large eclectic area rug to your living room that will lay underneath all of your furniture. A large rug is the perfect piece to bring together all of your decor elements into a uniform and coordinated style.

In the Dining Room: Place an eclectic area rug in your dining room beneath your table for the perfect combination of elegance and fun. An 8x10 or 9x12 area rug will fit comfortably beneath a dining room table that seats six to eight people.

In the Kitchen: To spice up your kitchen’s decor, consider adding a large rectangular eclectic rug to an open concept kitchen, or protect your floors in narrow or high-traffic areas with an eclectic-style runner.

Outdoors / On the Patio: An eclectic outdoor rug is the perfect fun accent to add to your patio, porch, or balcony. Make the space pop with our eclectic rugs in bright colors and fun prints. Top off the look with coordinating pillows and cushions for a statement-making outdoor escape.

Washable Eclectic Rugs to the Rescue

Now, you can enjoy your favorite beautiful bold eclectic prints, even if you’ve got messy pets and children or love to host gatherings in your home. Spills, footprints, pet hair, and more can easily be cleaned by washing your eclectic area rug in your home washing machine. It’ll stay fresh, clean, and vibrant through anything life throws your way!

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