Blue Runner Rugs

Add calming tones to your home with a washable blue runner rug. Whether you prefer dark tones and bold prints or soft shades in subtle designs, we’ve got a variety of washable blue runner rugs for your home.

Blue Runner Rugs

Add calming tones to your home with a washable blue runner rug.

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About Our Blue Runner Rugs

Blue runner rugs are a versatile choice for narrow spaces in your home. Whether you’re inviting guests into your home through your entryway, adding dimension to your kitchen decor, or creating a beautiful bathroom oasis for self-care and pampering, there’s a blue runner rug that’s perfect for your needs.

How to Style a Blue Runner Rug

Light blue is a calming and soothing hue that will transform any space into a relaxing getaway. Try adding a light blue runner rug to your bathroom to create a spa-like vibe that’s perfect for getting ready each morning, or having an at-home spa day every once in a while.

Light blue and teal are also the perfect colors for a beachy or coastal decor style. Add a teal blue runner rug to your beach house kitchen or bathroom to bring the look of salty blue waters inside your coastal home. A navy blue runner rug or red and blue runner rug is also a classic choice for a nautical color combination.

For a more regal and dramatic decor style, consider a bright blue or royal blue runner rug to your home that’s sure to turn heads.

Where to Place a Blue Runner Rug

Don’t be afraid to place a durable blue runner rug in a high traffic area: it’ll hold up well through anything life throws at it.

Runners are a great addition to your kitchen or hallway decor. A blue runner rug will help protect your floors while adding a stylish element to the often-forgotten hallway space in your home. It’s also a great option for adding some cushion underfoot in a galley-style kitchen.

Blue runner rugs are also available in outdoor designs. If you have a poolside bar, consider placing a blue runner rug beneath the barstools. And the best part is - it won’t be ruined by a few spilled drinks! An outdoor blue runner rug is also a great choice for the entryway in your home, especially if this area receives a lot of sunlight.

Washable Blue Runner Rugs to the Rescue

All of our blue runner rugs feature Ruggable’s signature washable technology. So, if you spilled a bright red drink on a light blue runner rug, it’s no sweat! The stain-resistant rug cover can quickly and easily be put in the washing machine. Once it’s been washed and dried, any sign of that spilled drink will be nowhere to be found.

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