Black Outdoor Rugs

Our washable black outdoor rugs come in both solid and subtly patterned options, like striped, geometric, and Persian-style designs. They are a gorgeous neutral base for your patio, porch, or balcony.

Black Outdoor Rugs

Our washable black outdoor rugs come in both solid and subtly patterned options, like striped, geometric, and Persian-style designs.

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About Our Black Outdoor Rugs

There are so many options when choosing Ruggable black outdoor rugs. You could choose a simple, solid black outdoor rug for a modern or minimalist style. Or, opt for a black outdoor rug with a Persian or Moroccan-style pattern if you love the trendy bohemian look! And of course, you can’t go wrong with black stripes or geometric patterns that will easily complement many different styles.

No matter your choice, black outdoor rugs are sure to create a moody and dramatic look in your space. This is perfect for chill evenings on the back porch, or a romantic and relaxing poolside lounge area!

How to Choose a Black Outdoor Rug

With so many great options, it can be hard to choose just one rug to love. Read below for some ideas and inspiration to help you choose the best black rug for your outdoor space!

Rug Size: Our black outdoor rugs can be purchased in a variety of sizes, from narrow runners to large 9x12 area rugs. Runners are perfect for walkways and narrow places, small rugs in 3x5 and 5x7 are stunning statement pieces, and large rugs in 6x9, 8x10, and 9x12 will bring together your space beautifully! No matter the type of rug you’re looking for, you’ll find a size and pattern here that you’ll love!

Rug Style: To pick a style that’s best for you, consider what’s already in your space. If your space is already full of patterns and dimensions, play it safe with a simple solid-colored black rug to ground the space and bring uniformity among all of your decor elements.

If you have patterns in your space but you’re looking to have a little fun, try selecting outdoor rugs that will complement rather than clash with the existing patterns. If your space is lacking detail, try opting for a more intricate or bold pattern to level up your outdoor space!

How to Style a Black Outdoor Rug

If you’re always changing up your decor, then a black outdoor rug might just be the perfect choice for you. They are so versatile and are the perfect base for a variety of styles, including modern, minimalist, boho, or even farmhouse style! Despite ever-changing trends, your beautiful black rug is sure to remain a stunning choice.

Black outdoor rugs are also the perfect neutral color to experiment with layering rugs. Try layering a large outdoor rug under a smaller colorful outdoor rug under a side or coffee table. This will create a contrast between colors as well as interesting textures in your space.

For simple decor with plenty of character, try pairing a black geometric outdoor rug with cream or white furniture, or white curtains on an outdoor pergola. Finish the look with some greenery and plants to create a simple yet fun space with an earthy feel!

Washable Black Outdoor Rugs to the Rescue

Black outdoor rugs are notable for their bold, dark color, so it’s important that it doesn’t fade over time. Ruggable outdoor rugs are designed for indoor or outdoor use and will last against harmful UV rays. They are also stain and water-resistant, keeping mold and mildew at bay.

When your Ruggable black outdoor rug starts to look dingy or dirty, simply toss it in the wash to restore it to its pristine state.

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