Bedroom Rugs

Turn your bedroom into a relaxing oasis with a washable bedroom area rug. Whether you’re looking for rugs in calming blue, grey, or white colors, or prefer a bolder statement rug, we’ve got a variety of bedroom rugs that will suit any size of bed.

Bedroom Rugs

Turn your bedroom into a relaxing oasis with a washable bedroom area rug.

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About Our Bedroom Rugs

Placing a rug in the bedroom adds both style and function, helping to create a calm, cozy environment while also adding a soft cushion underfoot.

How to Choose a Bedroom Rug

When selecting a style, stick with bedroom rugs in subtle patterns and soft tones, like blue, grey, white, and cream, to promote relaxation in the space. Choose the right rug size for your space based on the size of your bed. A king bed works best with a 9x12 bedroom rug, while queen and full beds look best with either an 8x10 or 6x9 bedroom rug. Twin beds work great with both a 5x7 or a 3x5 rug placed on one or both sides of the bed.

Where to Place Your Bedroom Rug

Placing a large bedroom rug under the bed is most common and makes this area the focal point of the room. Small bedroom rugs work great as accents, such as next to the bed or to create a separate reading nook or sitting area. Rug layering in the bedroom also looks great by adding visual interest. Try placing a large patterned rug under the bed, then layer a smaller plush rug on top for added coziness.

Washable Bedroom Rugs to the Rescue

Never worry about getting your bedroom rug dirty. All our bedroom rugs and runners are water-resistant, stain-resistant, and machine-washable, so you’ll never have to stress about spills, dust, and other allergens. When your rug does get dirty, just toss it in the wash to keep it looking its best.