9x12 Outdoor Rugs

Transform even the largest of spaces with a 9x12 outdoor rug. From vintage Persian designs to modern geometric shapes, you’ll find a 9x12 outdoor rug in the perfect color and pattern to complete your patio, porch, or pool decor.

9x12 Outdoor Rugs

Transform even the largest of spaces with a 9x12 outdoor rug.

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About Our 9x12 Outdoor Rugs

If you’ve got a large porch, poolside patio, or shaded pergola, then go big and place a 9x12 area rug to level up your outdoor style. This size rug will fit well in an outdoor area that is 12’ x 18’ or larger.

Our 9x12 indoor outdoor rugs provide unmatched versatility. If you’re in the mood to do some rearranging, you can always bring your outdoor Ruggable rug inside your home to change up your decor. Just toss it in the wash and it’ll be fresh and clean for inside your home.

How to Choose a 9x12 Outdoor Rug

Rug Pattern: Our 9x12 outdoor rugs are available in a variety of patterns. Choose contemporary designs, like bold stripes and checkered patterns, for a defined look that’s ideal for a modern space.

If you’re into shabby chic style, try a vintage Persian design or distressed floral pattern to add plenty of detail to your decor.

Of course, tropical styles are the perfect choice for an outdoor space to make it feel like summertime all year long. Try a green tropical outdoor rug with a palm leaf design paired with brightly colored patio furniture for a fun look.

Layering a smaller rug on top of your 9x12 rug is the perfect opportunity to add dimension by mixing and matching prints.

Rug Color: The options are endless when it comes to color and color combos in your outdoor living area. For a poolside or coastal vibe, opt for a gorgeous teal outdoor rug. Or, if your patio decor is already full of color, balance it out with neutrals: a gray outdoor rug in 9x12 size is the perfect foundation to highlight other colorful pieces in the area.

Where to Place a 9x12 Outdoor Rug

Going big with a 9x12 rug means that it will fill an entire space. Place it underneath all of the outdoor furniture on your porch or patio. All four legs of a couch and two chairs should fit comfortably on top of the rug.

If you love hosting outdoor barbecues, consider adding a patterned 9x12 rug underneath an eight-chair dining table on your patio. It’ll be the perfect stylish spot to enjoy meals with friends and family.

Washable 9x12 Outdoor Rugs to the Rescue

Adding big style to your space with a 9x12 outdoor rug doesn’t have to be a worrisome choice. Now, beautiful rugs and messy children and pets can exist in the same place!

When a spill happens, simply remove the rug from its Rug Pad and wash it in your home’s washing machine. Even our largest size rug will easily fit in a standard washing machine, meaning it’ll be easy to keep it looking fresh and clean.

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