8x10 White Rugs

Simple and elegant, our washable 8x10 white rugs transform any room in your home into a clean and bright space. From intricate Persian designs to simple geometric patterns, there are so many white 8x10 area rugs to choose from.

8x10 White Rugs

Simple and elegant, our washable 8x10 white rugs transform any room in your home into a clean and bright space.

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Stain & Water Resistant

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About Our 8x10 White Rugs

Lighten up any space with a bright and beautiful 8x10 white rug. This size is perfect for any medium to large size room in your home, and it’s also a great way to define a space from an open concept floor plan.

Our 8x10 white area rugs are available in a variety of textures and patterns. You’ll find solid and subtle ombre tones, as well as minimalist geometric patterns, neutral Moroccan-inspired designs, and subtle florals. They’re the perfect versatile choice that will complement your style, even as it changes and evolves through the years.

How to Choose an 8x10 White Rug

White rugs can serve a variety of purposes within a space; they can set the stage for a monochrome color scheme, or can balance out a vibrant and colorful space while still keeping it light and airy.

When choosing a pattern, consider the existing decor elements within a space. If there are already geometric patterns and detailed elements, be sure to choose a complimentary design, or play it safe with a solid tone. If your all-white space is lacking pizzazz, then a fun pattern or floral design on your white rug may be just what the room needs.

Where to Place an 8x10 White Rug

Love the stylish look of an 8x10 white rug, but not sure how it would fit into your home’s decor scheme? Read below for more tips and inspiration.

In the Living Room: A white fluffy rug is a perfect choice to give your living room a cozy feel. Pair a white rug in 8x10 size with a couch and a few chairs to create the perfect hangout spot for hosting guests or relaxing on your own. For a more formal feel, try placing an 8x10 white living room rug in a Persian-style or floral pattern.

In the Bedroom: The fresh and clean look of a white rug is the perfect addition to any bedroom. A bright white color palette will make your bedroom feel like a luxurious hotel or resort every day of the week.

For best results, be sure to pair your 8x10 white rug with a double or queen-sized bed. Try out a white fuzzy rug 8x10 to give your feet a soft landing each morning. Or for a boho look, opt for a white rug with a Moroccan-style design.

In the Dining Room: An 8x10 white rug is a beautiful choice in a dining room, and this versatile color palette will look stunning with a variety of colors, from an all-white dining table, to natural wood or even black.

An 8x10 white area rug will fit best under a medium-sized dining room table that seats six people. To add subtle dimension to a simple space, consider pairing this rectangular rug shape with a small round dining table. This is also a fun way to style an outdoor patio.

Washable 8x10 White Rugs to the Rescue

Choosing a bright and clean white area rug for your home no longer has to seem like a faraway fantasy. Now, you can place an 8x10 white area rug in your favorite pattern and count on it staying fresh and clean with Ruggable’s stain-resistant and machine-washable technology. When it does get dirty, simply remove the Rug Cover from the Rug Pad and place it in the wash to keep it looking its best.

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