8x10 Cream Rugs

Our 8x10 cream rugs are light and airy decor elements, perfect for balancing out a colorful space or completing a neutral decor scheme. From unique floral and Persian-style patterns to contemporary geometric designs, we’ve got an 8x10 cream rug for your home.

8x10 Cream Rugs

Our 8x10 cream rugs are light and airy decor elements, perfect for balancing out a colorful space or completing a neutral decor scheme.

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About Our 8x10 Cream Rugs

While vibrant patterns and colors are fun, there’s something so cozy and elegant about a cream rug. This shade is the perfect combo of airy yet warm. Our selection of 8x10 cream rugs feature a variety of designs, such as contemporary trellis patterns, vintage Persian designs, and gorgeous florals, all in this simple and sweet shade.

How to Choose an 8x10 Cream Rug

An 8x10 cream rug can be an excellent choice for a variety of styles. Create a light backdrop for a room full of color, or complete a beautiful neutral color scheme. You can also pair a cream rug with dark furniture and accents for a high contrast look, and complete the space with lush greenery. A cream 8x10 area rug’s light palette can also make a small room feel more spacious by creating an open feel. This light colored rug will look great in a room with plenty of natural light.

Where to Place an 8x10 Cream Rug

There are so many possibilities when it comes to styling an 8x10 cream rug in your home. No matter where you style it, be sure to measure first to make sure these dimensions will fit.

In the Living Room: An 8x10 cream rug can create an airy and inviting atmosphere in your living room, making it the perfect place for hosting guests or simply relaxing after a long day. A cream rug in 8x10 will fit beneath your couch and coffee table, with a few chairs around the edges.

In the Kitchen: Brighten up a large industrial-style kitchen, or complete a bright white kitchen with an 8x10 cream rug. Choosing a cream rug with a bold pattern can also add texture and dimension to a simple kitchen space. For a fun and unique look, layer a simple 8x10 cream rug with a colorful area rug in a smaller size beneath your kitchen table.

In the Bedroom: Create a simple and elegant bedroom space by pairing an 8x10 cream rug with a natural wooden bed frame and white linens. Complete the look with pops of color using throw pillows, blankets, and wall decor. You could also consider an 8x10 cream-colored Disney rug for a child’s bedroom. The 8x10 size will pair best with a full or queen-size bed.

In the Dining Room: Create a stunning high-contrast look by pairing an 8x10 cream and black area rug with a dark brown or black dining room table - the perfect combo of light and natural, yet statement-making and moody! An 8x10 cream rug will fit perfectly beneath a dining table that seats up to six people.

Washable 8x10 Cream Rugs to the Rescue

Never be afraid of light-colored area rugs again, thanks to our washable rug design! All our 8x10 cream rugs are water-resistant, stain-resistant, and machine washable. To keep your rug looking bright and clean, simply remove the Rug Cover from the Rug Pad and put it into the wash.

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