5x7 Re-Jute Rugs

Enjoy the look of an authentic jute rug in Ruggable’s anti-scratch, anti-shed, and anti-stain material. Featuring neutral colors and unique patterns, our 5x7 Re-Jute rugs are a versatile choice for your home’s decor.

5x7 Re-Jute Rugs

Enjoy the look of an authentic jute rug in Ruggable’s anti-scratch, anti-shed, and anti-stain material.

Machine Washable




Stain & Water Resistant

Stain & Water

About Our 5x7 Re-Jute Rugs

Our 5x7 Re-Jute area rugs provide an authentic jute-inspired look without the maintenance required of a classic jute rug. The woven texture resembles natural jute and is anti-scratch, anti-shed, and machine washable. Our Re-Jute rugs can be placed in high-traffic areas, and their durable, woven material will protect your floors in style. Featuring neutral and muted color palettes with Moroccan-style patterns, our 5x7 Re-Jute rugs will highlight earthy, Bohemian decor styles.

How to Choose a 5x7 Re-Jute Rug

Our 5x7 Re-Jute rugs are the perfect size area rug to add a rustic, boho, or desert accent to your space. They can stand on their own or be layered over another rug for added style and texture.

For rooms with a lot of patterns and textures, try a solid-colored or muted 5x7 Re-Jute rug to balance your space. Solid colors and muted patterns also complement minimalist-styles.

However, if your room is lacking dimensional decor elements, then a 5x7 Re-Jute rug that features a bold geometric or Moroccan print is the perfect stylish addition to your home.

Where to Place a 5x7 Re-Jute Rug

In the Living Room: A 5x7 Re-Jute rug is an ideal size to complete a small living room. It’s the right size to sit under your coffee table and cover the floor in front of the sofa. In a large living room, a 5x7 Re-Jute rug works as a good accent, allowing you to define a smaller corner of the room, such as a reading nook or small sitting area.

In the Bedroom: In a bedroom, a 5x7 Re-Jute rug will be a beautiful decor accent beneath a twin-sized bed. You can also use it to separate a small sitting area in a large bedroom. Pair it with wooden furniture, neutral bedding, and greenery to add subtle warmth to the earthy decor.

Outside / On the Patio: Our 5x7 Re-Jute rugs are the perfect choice to complete a simple, neutral outdoor space. The soft tones will pair beautifully with a wooden pergola, outdoor rustic-style bar, or porch, and will look stunning with wrought-iron outdoor furniture.

Washable 5x7 Re-Jute Rugs to the Rescue

Now, you can enjoy the look of a jute rug without fear of spills and stains. Our 5x7 Re-Jute rugs are durable, stain-resistant, fade-resistant, and machine washable, allowing you to enjoy a stunning rug that looks beautiful and fresh through all of life’s best moments.

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