3x5 Outdoor Rugs

Small but mighty, a 3x5 outdoor rug has the power to transform your outdoor space. Complete an outdoor sitting area, add a pop of style to a poolside bar, or dress up your small balcony with our washable 3x5 outdoor rugs.

3x5 Outdoor Rugs

Small but mighty, a 3x5 outdoor rug has the power to transform your outdoor space.

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About Our 3x5 Outdoor Rugs

Who knew a small 3x5 rug could add so much style? Washable 3x5 rugs are perfect for small back porches or patios. They’re also a great way to define a separate sitting area from the rest of your backyard or poolside deck. Just like our indoor styles, Ruggable’s 3x5 outdoor rugs can easily be cleaned in a home washing machine whenever they need it.

When you’re ready to redecorate, you can always move your 3x5 indoor outdoor rug inside your home in a high-traffic area. With this versatility, the styling possibilities are endless!

How to Choose a 3x5 Outdoor Rug

A small 3x5 outdoor rug is the perfect accent to create a more interesting space without overpowering the rest of your decor. Don’t be afraid to try out bright colors or unique patterns. If you’re feeling extra bold, experiment with new pattern combos!

Rug Pattern: There are so many patterns to choose from in our collection of 3x5 outdoor rugs. Try a trendy geometric or Moroccan pattern to add some texture and dimension to a simple space. If farmhouse style is your go-to, add a buffalo check rug for a country look. If you’re feeling beachy or outdoorsy, try a fun floral or tropical print.

Rug Color: The trendiest outdoor spaces for summer are full of bold colors! Try adding a little sunshine to the space with a yellow outdoor rug. If your outdoor space is already full of colorful elements, try balancing out the space with a black 3x5 outdoor rug, or a Persian-style 3x5 rug in neutral tones.

If you’re into earthy tones, try muted green or blue hues, or a neutral black and white outdoor rug or grayscale color palette. Consider adding vibrant greenery to brighten and complete a neutral outdoor space.

Where to Place a 3x5 Outdoor Rug

To create a small outdoor lounge area, place a 3x5 indoor outdoor rug beneath a comfy chair and side table. For a small apartment patio or terrace, a 3x5 rug may be the perfect piece to complete the whole space.

Our fade-resistant indoor outdoor patio rugs are also the perfect addition for rooms in your home that receive a lot of sunlight or heavy traffic. Add a 3x5 rug beneath a small table in your sunroom to create the perfect spot to enjoy your morning coffee. Or, complete your entryway decor with a stylish small rug to invite guests into your home.

Washable 3x5 Outdoor Rugs to the Rescue

Keep your outdoor space looking fresh and clean despite harsh elements. If dirt and debris have your 3x5 outdoor rug looking drab, just sweep or shake off the dust, give it a quick rinse, or toss it in the washing machine. It’ll be good as new in no time!

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