2'x3' Rugs

Small size, big style. Shop a wide variety of 2x3 rugs, including boho rugs and Persian rugs in blue, grey, black, teal, and more. Perfect for your entryway, kitchen, bathroom, or any other small space that needs a decorative pop.

2'x3' Rugs

Small size, big style.

Machine Washable




Stain & Water Resistant

Stain & Water

About Our 2'x3' Rugs

Our small 2x3 rugs are the perfect accent to any space that needs a pop of pattern or color. This size will fit in your entryway, kitchen, bathroom, on the patio, or any other small area in your home. Whether you’re choosing a rug for an indoor or outdoor space, all of our 2x3 rugs are water-resistant, stain-resistant, and machine-washable.

How to Choose a 2x3 Rug

Rug Pattern: When it comes to choosing a 2x3 rug, don’t be afraid to opt for a bold pattern. A small rug in a fun pattern will bring major style to your space. Choose a geometric pattern for a modern accent, a 2x3 Persian rug for a bohemian vibe, or a classic striped rug to add dimension to any space.

Rug Color: Our 2x3 rugs are available in a variety of shades to complement your home’s color scheme and decor. A small rug size gives you the freedom to try out unique color pairings to tastefully brighten up your space.

Try a 2x3 blue rug or yellow rug for a pop of color in your entryway, or earthy green tones to complete your outdoor living area. For a coastal or beachy home, go for a teal 2x3 rug. If you want to play it safe, try a classic 2x3 black and white rug that will blend nicely into nearly any color scheme.

Where to Place a 2x3 Rug

Adding a small 2x3 rug to your home is the perfect opportunity to explore how a rug can become a stylish decor element in any space. Read below for some inspiration on how you could style a 2x3 rug in your space.

In the Kitchen: 2x3 rugs are the perfect addition to your kitchen, and thanks to our washable design, you no longer have to worry about ruining your favorite rug with stains and spills. 2x3 rugs are the perfect size to place in front of the kitchen sink or stove so you can cook and clean in style with a bit of cushion underfoot.

In the Bathroom: 2x3 bathroom rugs are the perfect option for your bathroom decor. Try a 2x3 rug in front of your sink to complement your cabinetry or in front of your toilet to add some style to a small space.

In the Entryway: A small 2x3 entry rug is the perfect addition to the entrance of your home. It could be placed in front of the door layered under a doormat for added style, or below a small table to create a stylish place to leave your wallet and keys. Create an inviting atmosphere with a fun pattern and color to complete your decor.

Outside / On the Patio: A 2x3 outdoor rug will look perfect near your front or back porch door. It will also be a stunning accent beneath a small side table. Try a pop of color for a colorful outdoor space, or a 2x3 gray rug for a more subtle color palette.

Washable 2x3 Rugs to the Rescue

Place rugs anywhere in your home with peace of mind that they won’t be ruined. Our 2x3 washable rugs are water-resistant and stain-resistant. Whether you’ve got messy children and pets, or love to host parties and gatherings, our 2x3 washable rugs can handle it all.

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