What are the rugs made of? 

Our woven covers are 100% polyester (the top of the cover is made of woven polyester chenille style yarn and the bottom is a polyester knit). The two layers of fabric are bonded together with a nontoxic glue also made of 100% polyester. This makes it possible to recycle the cover because it is all made of the same synthetic material.

Another interesting note about polyester is that the fiber does not absorb liquid. Yes, liquid will be absorbed in between the fibers but not within the fiber. This is why stains and odors wash out so easily. 

Our shag covers are made of modacrylic, a synthetic fiber with natural flame resistance. We do not add flame resistant chemicals to any of our products, mainly because they are toxic, but also because they would wash out after repeated washings. Instead, we use materials that naturally meet or exceed flame resistant testing standards. 

The rug pad is made of polyester (95% recycled fiber). The Cling Effect™ texture is created by heating the surface (think Crème Brûlée dessert). The nonslip backing is made of Thermoplastic Resin (TPR) a latex-free synthetic material that is commonly used in yoga mats. 

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