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4 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Pet-Friendly Rug

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Pets are adorable. Whether you consider yourself a dog person, a cat person, or just someone who enjoys the company of a furry friend, we all see our pets as part of the family.

This is why it’s important to consider our pets when shopping for furniture or home decors—particularly, area rugs and runners. Rugs are not only a magnet for pet hair, they can also be a hotbed of major mishaps and accidents, especially if your dog or cat is still teething or getting toilet-trained. And because rugs don’t come cheap, you’d want something that can withstand those clumsy claws and thumping tails.

Thankfully, you don’t have to compromise your personal style over your pet’s comfort. Here we asked Ruggable’s pawrents (pet parents) what they consider when buying a pet-friendly rug, as well as some tips on how to make your home the purrfect pet sanctuary.

  1. The Rug’s Pile and Material

The rug’s pile refers to the length and density of the fabric. A high pile feels plush against your feet and even offers pets a comfy place to snooze, but that could also mean trouble for your pup or cat.

My dog Axle has a lot of skin irritation,” shares graphic design manager, Kayla Gregg. “He's not a big shedder but we have a fair amount of dander. When our rugs are too thick or high-pile, we find that the rug holds on to a lot of that dander, which irritates his skin. He also LOVES to drag his belly across all of our rugs, adding to this.”

“Cowboy, which is a mini Aussie mix, tends to chew on things that aren't his toys, so I have to be cautious about what I have around,” adds creative coordinator, Mariane Zaratan. “This is why I opt for rugs that are non-toxic, easy to clean and don't have too much pile that my dog could possibly start eating.”

Recommendation: A low-pile rug is not only easy to maintain but is also less susceptible to dirt and dander. In case you’re wondering, Ruggable rugs are lightweight and low-pile—only 1/8th of an inch thick—and made from non-toxic materials that are safe for kids and pets.

  1. Colors and Patterns

As rugs tend to collect pet hair, Tal Halpern, director of retention and mom to Nala, a goldendoodle, suggests choosing a design that not only complements the rest of your home decor but one that can also disguise your pet’s fur.

Recommendation: “A rug with a multicolor pattern doesn’t just make your space interesting but can also draw the eye away from paw prints, stains and pet hair,” she says.

  1. Non-Slip Feature

With pets and little ones running all over the house, the last thing you want is a slippery surface.

Recommendation: If you have hardwood floors or tiles in your kitchen or living room, an area rug or runner with a rubber back or a no-skid pad will help anchor it firmly to the ground.

“Whenever Junior (an English bulldog) runs around the house or plays with his toys, my rug pad keeps my rug in place so I don’t have to reposition it all the time,” says Typhaine Meyers, E-commerce manager. “It also helps prevent accidents and provides a safe space for him to play in.”

  1. Stain-Proof, Spill-Proof and Water-Resistant Material

Even if your pets are potty-trained, accidents could still happen. And while wool and shag rugs could easily make a space look more luxurious, they could also be a nightmare to clean.

We've always preferred rugs that could handle being cleaned in some form: vacuuming, steam cleaning, even just buying sizes that we could easily pick up and shake out outside,” says Kayla. “We tried having a shag once, and we all loved it. Axle probably more than us because it was very comfy for him, but we just could not clean it.”

Recommendation: Stain-resistant rugs will save you time and extend the life of your rug.

At Ruggable, we swear by rugs that can be easily washed and spot-cleaned. Our rug pads are made of polyester, which can be easily wiped or cleaned with soap and water, so you don’t have to worry about lingering stinks. The rug cover, on the other hand, is completely machine washable. It’s also stain resistant and has an internal water-resistant barrier that keeps liquid from seeping onto the floor.

When it comes to designing a pet-friendly environment, it’s all about creating a harmonious living space that’s not only easy to clean but also something that your pets will feel easily at home in. If you’re on the market for one, don’t forget to check out Ruggable’s best-selling rugs.

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  • Nancy says:
    07.09.19 at 08:37am

    Love the fact that your rugs are washable. What I don’t like is the “worn” or “distressed “ look . Some even look as though they’ve been washed several times.

  • RUGGABLE says:
    06.19.19 at 05:01pm

    Hi Janey and thanks for sharing your experience with us! We’re so glad to hear you are enjoying your washable rug. We don’t have any new sizes in the works at this time —-but we would be happy to send your suggestion along to the design team :) Stay tuned…

  • RUGGABLE says:
    06.19.19 at 05:01pm

    Hi Sara and thank you for reaching out! Though we do not offer a thicker rug pad at this time, we’ve heard great reviews from customers who have chosen to add an additional rug pad from other sources.

  • RUGGABLE says:
    06.19.19 at 05:01pm

    Thank you for checking out our blog, Dot! We do not offer round rugs at this time, however we have many sizes to choose from that look great in a dining room.

  • RUGGABLE says:
    06.19.19 at 05:01pm

    Hi Judy and thank you for reaching out. We typically don’t recommend using a Ruggable over carpet. Our Non-slip Rug Pad was designed for hard surface floors.

  • Janey says:
    06.19.19 at 04:39pm

    I left a review when I first got my rug, but wanted to add the bonus feature I’ve discovered with time: this rug does not show dirt! I’m pretty sure I’ve not suddenly become a less messy cook. Still wish you’d offer the runners in a 10 or 10.5’ length, and that you’d offer the option of a more cushy pad. Standing on it, as I often do in the kitchen, gets tiring.

  • Sarah Walsh says:
    06.19.19 at 04:45pm

    Can I add a thicker pad underneath? We have a new toddler and need more padding

  • Dot Thomas says:
    06.19.19 at 04:45pm

    Do you have round rugs? Would love a round in the dining room!

  • Peggy Kaufman says:
    06.19.19 at 04:45pm


  • Judi says:
    06.19.19 at 04:45pm

    Can your rugs be used on carpet?

  • anne says:
    06.19.19 at 04:45pm

    Please make larger rugs – 9 × 12, 10 × 14! 8×10 is too small for what I’m looking for. Would LOVE to buy larger rugs from you. Thank you!!

  • RUGGABLE says:
    06.19.19 at 09:46am

    Hi Laura and thank you for reaching out. Yes, Ruggable can be vacuumed but we do recommend using low suction settings for our low pile system. If you own a high suction vacuum, we suggest using the attachments instead.

  • RUGGABLE says:
    06.19.19 at 09:37am

    Thank you for checking out the blog, Barbara! We do hear great reviews from customers who have chosen to place their Ruggable outdoors, however our rugs have been made for indoor use and may not withstand the outdoors for a long period of time.

  • Laura Shoresm says:
    06.19.19 at 09:47am

    Can you vacuum these rugs?
    I love the idea of easy to clean rugs.

  • Barbara says:
    06.19.19 at 09:37am

    Can any of your rugs be used outdoors?

  • Michele Somers says:
    06.19.19 at 09:24am

    I love my ruggable rugs! I have 3 dogs and these are great!

  • RUGGABLE says:
    06.18.19 at 10:20am

    Hi Ms. Galen Hazelhofer,

    We typically don’t recommend using Ruggable over carpet as our non-slip rug pad was designed for hard surface floors. And though we haven’t tried Ruggable on a cement patio ourselves, we’ve heard good reviews from customers who have chosen to do so :)

  • Ms.Galen Hazelhofer says:
    06.13.19 at 04:29pm

    Can these rugs be used on top of a carpet or be used outside on top of a cement patio? Because that’s where I would need them.