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Traditional Moroccan Character Motifs in Modern Washable Rugs

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If you love geometric designs, add unique and bold style to your home with our newest Moroccan character motif rugs - Ruggable edition. With a neutral to bold color range, our washable version of Moroccan character motif rugs can seamlessly work in your home office or even nursery!

The simplicity of character motifs pairs well with luxe gold accents or paired down with more rustic decor. The aesthetic works with various styles from eclectic, antique and contemporary.

Our designers combined traditional design with function inspired by the vast character motifs traditionally found in Moroccan art and hand woven rugs. Character motifs add more than just decor, these motifs are deeply rooted in history and tradition. Morocco's textile heritage is long-reaching, dating back hundreds of years and heavily influenced by women and the surrounding cultures in the region.

Traditionally, character motifs have special meanings and include daily life in the desert region which include rebirth, love, earth, sun and moon. Our rendition of Moroccan character motifs can be seen in Kenza, Kavi and Lunja. We selected characters to reflect modern life and astrological interests. Specifically Kavi, which used simplistic characters like moon, sun and stars depicting rebirth.

Explore the beautiful and intricate world of Moroccan character motifs all available in our stylish, functional and washable rug system.  

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