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The 6x9 Rug Guide: How to Use Your 6x9 Rug in All Your Rooms
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You asked and we answered! The newest addition to our Ruggable rugs range, the 6x9 rug system, is here! This size option is available to all our newest and best-selling designs. The 6x9 washable and pet-proof area rugs are perfect for various spaces like the living area, dining room and more. This Spring season, it's all about out with old and in with the new, which means it’s time to add the perfect statement rug to those hard-to-decorate areas of your home.

No matter what your decor style—minimalist, modern, traditional or mid-century modern—we have fresh rug designs and the perfect size for your space. Here are some design inspirations and pro tips on how to use your 6x9 in various spaces in your home like the living room, dining room and the bedroom.

Living Room

Linear Aztec Black and White Rug in Living Room

If you have ever felt challenged by adding a rug to your living area don’t worry, most folks are! After all, the living room is the focal point of your home and your furry friends’ favorite place.

A simple rule to follow is your rug should be about the same length as, or a little longer than, your sofa. Additionally, choosing a rug design that will act as an accent or a statement piece is key. For Spring, go bold with our new arrivals or breezy Nautical design.

Dining Room

Camellia Midnight Floral Rug in Dining Room

Choosing a rug for your dining room is no easy feat. A couple of things to consider are size, design and pile height. Our waterproof, low-pile and stain-resistant rugs are a stylish and functional addition for space where gatherings and feasts happen often.

What makes a Ruggable rug the best option for your dining room? Our low pile rug system makes it easy for chairs to move smoothly over the edge of the rug, and our stain-resistant rugs come in handy for those inevitable spills.


Hudson Stribe Black and White Rug in Bedroom

Our bedrooms are our personal havens, a place to relax and unwind from our busy lives. Selecting the right size makes all the difference in the flow of your bedroom; the rug size truly depends on the size of your room and bed. For twin to queen-size beds, the 6x9 rug works well in small to medium-size rooms.

What’s the best way to show off your rug and still enjoy a cozy bedroom? Position the edge of your rug to line up with roughly the bottom two-thirds of your bed, keeping your nightstand completely off the rug. This arrangement showcases your rug. Pro tip for small bedrooms; try placing a runner on each side of the bed.

We want to hear from you! Let us know how our pro tips helped you design or redesign your space for Spring with our newest rug system size. 

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  • RUGGABLE says:
    06.17.19 at 04:37pm

    Hi Doris,

    We typically don’t recommend using a Ruggable over carpet. Our Non-slip Rug Pad was designed for hard surface floors.

  • Doris Weinberg says:
    06.17.19 at 04:28pm

    I live in and the floors are flat carpet. Can I put your rug on top (because I have a dog?)