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3 Interior Stylists Share Their Favorite Ruggable Rugs for Summer

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It’s Memorial Day weekend—which means summer is officially here. And with fun in the sun comes sandy feet, muddy paws and Rosé stains on your favorite living room rug! But not to worry, Ruggable’s interchangeable rug covers make it super-easy to wash your rugs and return them to their pristine state. And with hundreds of available colors, sizes and designs, you’ll surely find the right one that fits your personality and style.

To help you pick a new favorite rug, we’ve tapped three interior stylists. Here they tell us their rugs of choice, why they love them, as well as tips on how they style their homes.


Kate Chipinksi, @katechipinski
DIYer and Eco-Friendly Interior Stylist
Rug of Choice: Linear Aztec Black Rug

Looking for a rug with bold, geometric patterns? Take it from Kate, who chose the Linear Aztec Black Rug as the centerpiece for her bedroom. “This rug screams my name,” she says. “With its bold pattern with definitive lines and black and cream color pallet, it is the perfect rug for me.”

Linear Aztec Black and White Rug in Bedroom

How to style this rug: “This rug took my bedroom to another level. There are a lot of simple elements in my space and this rug added a level of dimension to the room that really sets it apart. When styling around the bold pattern of the Aztec rug, I would keep it simple. Use beautiful natural woods and minimal pieces to not make the room feel so busy. The rug speaks for itself.”

What she loves about Ruggable: “I love everything about this rug. From its ease of use to its beautiful pattern to its bold statement, it’s the perfect rug for me. I have been contemplating moving this rug into my living room this summer because it’s washable. When muddy paws and little feet run through the room from outside, I won’t have to worry as much. (The current rug in there is white.) If it gets dirty, I can just peel it off and pop it in the wash.”


Samantha Gutstadt, @gutstadt
Actress, Content Creator and Writer
Rug of Choice: Kavi Diamond Silver Rug

For those who want something light and bright for summer, Samantha loves the neutral tone of Kavi Diamond Silver Rug, which she described as “stylish yet fun,” for her kids’ playroom. “This rug suddenly made the room cozy and easy to play in.” she says. “It also added so much style to the space and tied the whole room together. I love how it feels when we sit on it! It makes me want to get on the floor and play with my boys.”

How to style it: “Keep the room pretty neutral with pops of color. We let the rug be the centerpiece.”

What she loves about Ruggable: “This rug is perfect for summer for many reasons! We have a pool and the playroom is just off the pool. Summer to me means more outdoor time and play, and also more mess! But with Ruggable we can easily wash our rug to look good as new! Also the tones in this rug are so bright and light and perfect for summer.”


Fatima Guevara, @cantuonwheels
Mom of celebrity dog, Cantu
Rug of Choice: Kenza Blue Ocean Rug

If you’re into colorful rugs with a boho-chic feel, Fatima recommends the Kenza Blue Ocean Rug. “I love how many colors and details were incorporated in this rug,” she says. “This rug just grabs your attention.”

Kenza Blue Ocean Boho Chic Patterned Rug With Dog

How to style this rug: “I would definitely keep it simple, the rug has so much detail it can stand on its own. I have simple-color walls and a brown sectional, the rug just tied my room together! It’s the first thing that you notice in my living room.”

What she loves about Ruggable: “Ruggable has become one of my favorite brands. You don't know you need it until you have one. Because I have three dogs, I wash my rugs (yes I have 3 already!) twice a month. They come out of the dryer looking brand new. My oldest Ruggable is almost a year old; the colors and quality are still the same.”

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  • RUGGABLE says:
    06.18.19 at 11:41am

    Hi Evelyn,

    Thank you for reaching out! The 8 × 10 ft Ruggable absolutely fits in the washer :) Washing the Ruggable is as easy as peeling the cover off the pad and tossing it into the wash.

  • RUGGABLE says:
    06.18.19 at 11:41am

    Hi Lorraine,

    Thank you for checking out the blog. We’re glad to hear you love your new runner! We do not carry 2 × 3 ft rugs at this time but that is a great option to consider in the future. stay tuned!

  • Evelyn says:
    06.13.19 at 12:58pm

    I’m curious, how does one actually fit an 8’ x 10’ rug in a washer? This is what’s holding me back from buying one.

  • Lorraine Castorina says:
    06.12.19 at 04:32pm

    Just got my new runner and love it. When do you think the 2×3 ‘s will be available?