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Design Spotlight: Leveling Up With Steven Fingar

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With graduation season upon us, a lot of us are in a move-up mode. For some this could mean moving from one job to the next or starting over in a new career; for others, it’s relocating to a new state or moving into a bigger, more spacious apartment. For those who have recently graduated, looking for a new place to live, whether within your area or out of state, is probably top of mind right now (aside from sending out those resumes, of course). So for this edition of Design Spotlight, we talked to Steven Fingar, Instagram influencer, foodie and now a proud California resident. Here he talks about his move—his motivations and challenges—as well as the inspiration behind his new California home.

Ruggable: So you moved to Los Angeles from Boston in the fall of 2017, what was that like? What did you find most challenging about the move?

The biggest challenge for me was moving to a completely new city and not knowing anyone. I overcame that by using social media as a way to connect with like-minded individuals in the community. 

The move in itself was also hard, logistically speaking, figuring out what to do with my car, my furniture, my props (for photography and content creation), clothing and all. I left most of the bigger stuff so I had to rebuy everything.

Soraya Trellis Ash Grey Rug in living room

Tell us more about your Venice Beach apartment. How did you choose your new place?

My biggest thing is natural light, that’s a top priority for me. Natural light affects my mood; it’s also important for my side business as a content creator. The second thing for me is location; I want to live close to the beach so Venice Beach was my first option.

How would you describe the look of your home? What’s the theme you’re going after?

My apartment's aesthetic is a mix of Venice Beach and midcentury modern. My space is a sanctuary for me, so keeping colors and designs both minimal and neutral was important to me. I like the apartment as a whole to flow in terms of design and feel—it keeps my mind at ease.

How important is your rug in the overall look and feel of your space? What were your considerations when you were deciding which rug to get?

Like my apartment, every piece in the space is both functional and adds an element of design. The fact that I can have a rug that works in both areas is perfect for me. It's important that it’s not an eye sore and that it serves a purpose in the space.

Diamond Dalia Beige in bedroom

What made you pick Diamond Dalia Beige and Soraya Trellis Ash Grey rugs? How did these complement your apartment’s theme?

I like that both of these rugs add to the neutral tones of the space. The design fits the overall style and feel of the apartment. Ruggable not only serves a functional purpose, but it is also stylish, which is a major factor when I make my purchase decisions.

Any tips on how to decorate around these rugs?

I tried to tie in the focal furniture pieces with the colors and design of the rug. I wanted to make sure each piece would be highlighted but also fits cohesively together. 

In LA it’s so easy to decorate because of affordable decors are very accessible, especially plants. There are also a lot of thrift store where you can find cool pieces once in a while.


Diamond Dalia Beige Rug in bedroom

For those who are moving or level up their spaces, what decorating advice can you give them?

Start with your staple pieces. For me, that would be my bed frame, media console, dining table, and couch. The most used pieces in your house are also the focal points, so I would invest in those. Also, keep an eye on how much you spend. If you are just starting out or know you’ll be moving often, then wait for those seasonal sales.

Most importantly, be unapologetically you and do what makes you happy. Some people say my space needs more color and vibrancy, but it makes me feel good and that's what's most important at the end of the day.

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  • Pat Scheetz says:
    06.28.19 at 12:29pm

    I absolutely have been looking for a rug like you make, but the cost is just too prohibitive for right now.