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Design Spotlight: Megan Schlachtenhaufen of Undecorated Home

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Megan Schlachtenhaufen is a DIYer blogging about low-key home design vibes on her site, Undecorated Home, and sharing them on Instagram. We talked to her about her design inspirations, how she spring-cleans her house, as well as tips on how to use Ruggable rugs to define and accentuate any room.

Marrakesh Beige Ivory Rug

Ruggable: What is the decor style of your home? 

Megan: Collected. We like a mix of vintage and new. If we love it, we make it work! 

How did you choose your rugs, and how did they impact the rooms? 

The Ziri Black Rug adds a lot of contrast to this mostly white space, I always love a pop of black! The Marrakesh Beige Ivory Rug does a nice job of blending in and letting this small space flow. The decor around it works well with either rug. 

Speaking of Ziri Black and the Marrakesh Beige Ivory rugs, were those simply your two favorite designs or did those best fit your aesthetic and style?

Both! I’ve always wanted to see our foyer with a black rug, but I love the easy flow of this space in all light neutrals. Having both gives us options. 

Ziri Black Rug

With Spring Cleaning at our doorsteps, what do you do to declutter and organize your home? And how does the interchangeability of our rugs help with that? 

Once the winter gear is packed up, our baskets and wall hooks are free to house anything anyone needs to drop at the door. We are a no shoes in the house family, so any messes stop in the foyer. If something gets tracked in, I can throw one rug in the wash and grab the other to take its place.

Marrakesh Beige Ivory Rug Foyer


Marrakesh Beige Ivory Rug Foyer 2

You decided to put your Ruggable rug in your foyerwhat was the reasoning behind that? What’s the feeling you want people to have when they walk into your home? 

I want people to feel welcome when they come into our home. The foyer is a small space that used to be a closet. When we knocked the closet down, we knew we would have to be intentional with everything that went into this room. I’m a bit of a neat freak and your rugs were the missing piece to save my sanity.

Ziri Black Rug Foyer

Rugs can be the focal point in any space, any tips for novices looking to decorate their homes using Ruggable rugs?

A rug is the perfect piece to build a room around. Decide whether you want your rug to be the star or to be the background for other pieces and go from there. Pull colors out of the rug for pillows and curtains. Decorating should be fun! Find something you love and have fun with it! 

Got other home decor tips you'd like to share? How about recommendations for future posts? We'd love to hear from you! Talk to us in the comments section below.

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  • Carol Murphy says:
    06.18.19 at 10:25am

    Do you have a showroom or give samples for color matching? I am near LA.

  • Janice Lucia says:
    06.18.19 at 10:26am

    Do u sent small piece of rug to see how it feels?

  • Danielle Vilchis says:
    05.13.19 at 05:37pm

    Hi Teresa! At this time we do not offer the 4×6 size, we hope to offer more sizes for our washable area rugs. Stay tuned!

  • Danielle Vilchis says:
    05.13.19 at 05:09pm

    Hi Jane!

    Thank you for reaching out. The “navy rug with white abstract lines” is actually the Ziri Black Rug. I have included the direct link below. It only appears Navy due to the image lighting.



  • Renee Garcia says:
    05.08.19 at 04:48pm

    Thank you for checking out our Design Spotlight: Megan Schlachtenhaufen of Undecorated Home blog. We are happy to help with a rug selection that works well with Traditional home decor. Feel free to browse our Best Sellers category and reach out to customer service for a discount code.


  • Debby Olmstead says:
    05.08.19 at 04:38pm

    Are you comfortable with putting your pad down on your hardwood floor or do you put another mat down?
    I already ordered a runner because my dog has ruined mine so I’m thrilled to get my new one. But I didn’t get the one I wanted so I may need to order another one.
    Have a blessed day.
    Debby Olmstead

  • Lisa says:
    05.08.19 at 04:47pm

    I need more options to go with a traditional home with hardwood floors. I have a dog that needs traction so I need a lot of runners that are cost efficient.

  • Teresa Keen says:
    05.13.19 at 05:24pm

    Great article. I have bought 4 Ruggables. Now I’m waiting for a 4×6. Will that be available sometime soon?

  • Jane Warrem says:
    05.13.19 at 05:05pm

    I like the navy rug with white abstract lines in the picture but couldn’t find it for sale on the website. Would you give me the name, please.