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Best Area Rugs and Runners for Summer

Fire up the barbecue grill. Whip up a mojito. Take down your heavier drapes and roll up your darker, fluffier rugs. Summer is finally here, and it calls for vibrant colors, fun patterns and flowers everywhere!

And what better way to incorporate summer themes into your home than with a new rug? Your area rug or runner doesn’t have to stay the same all year round. You can change it up every season—just as you would your wardrobe. You won’t believe how much a room can change simply by switching a rug. And with Ruggable’s interchangeable rug covers, we’ve made it super-easy for you to give your home a makeover any day of the year.

Ruggable Rugs Are Perfect for Summer

As stylish and brightly colored as they are, Ruggable rugs are more than just a pretty centerpiece inside your room. They’re lightweight, stain-proof, water-proof, non-toxic—and did we mention washable? So whether you are a mom, a pet mom or someone who loves to host summer soirees and backyard barbecue parties, Ruggable rugs will make the post-fun cleanup easy-peasy.

The Best Summer-Inspired Ruggable Rugs According to Your Style

On the market for a new rug this summer? We’ve got you covered! Here, we singled out our brightest, most playful and most cheerful rugs to help you bring the colors of summer into your home.

If you’re into florals…

Nothing breathes new life into a room quite like a bouquet of fresh flowers—and layering the Floral Medallion Multicolor Rug onto your kitchen or living room floor can help you achieve just that. If you need something a tad less striking, we also love this Buttercup Rug in yellow. The best part about these floral rugs? You’ll never have to worry about watering them—except on wash days, of course!

For that walk-in-the-park feel—right inside your home…

If florals aren’t your cup of tea, adding a touch of green into your space, like Casablanca Blue Green Rug, can instantly make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated, without ever stepping outside your front door. For those looking to emulate a patch of green indoor or outdoor, this Coastal Linear Stripe Rug in aqua is the perfect way to do it—no mowing required.

If you’re going for that coastal home vibe…

Whether you have a house by the coast or dream about having one, creating that beach vibe at home isn’t as hard as you think. All you need are a few wooden furniture pieces, some nautical-inspired wall accents and a gorgeous ocean-blue rug to tie all the elements together, like this Watercolor Waves Rug in blue. For something more playful, we highly recommend this Starfish Pale Blue Rug. (Bonus: Your kids will absolutely love this!)

If you’re into boho chic…

A rug is also the perfect way to add a little personality into your home. For those into the boho vibe, this Patchwork Boho Rug needs no introduction. It has the perfect mix of color and texture, enough to make a statement without upstaging the rest of your furniture. For something more pared down, we also love the pop of tangerine in this Vintage Daisy Bordered Rug.

If you like playful patterns…

A common theme among contemporary homes, rugs with bold and geometric patterns aren’t just popular during summer. It’s virtually an all-season staple. However, if you’re looking for a more summer-inspired we definitely recommend the Kilim Batik Multicolor Rug. Aside from the burst of color, we love its intricate details—a must-have for anyone who has a penchant for art, culture and travel. For a more modern and minimalist option, we like the Prisma Slate Blue.

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