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Behind the Collection: Washing a Persian rug? We made it possible

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Behind the Collection: Washing a Persian rug? We made it possible

We are taking you behind the collection of the newest addition to our washable rug family, the Persian collection. Our designers took inspiration from traditional hand-woven silk Persian rugs that date back as far as 400 B.C.

Persian rugs have acted as centerpieces for generations, often handed down as heirlooms because of their unique designs and bold colors. Kashan, Heriz and Tabriz are some of the most beautiful and popular types of Persian rugs. Heriz is more geometric and simple, while Kashan and Tabriz tend to be more floral, intricate and delicate. Our design team created rugs inspired by each of these three categories, using traditional motifs as a guide.

Maral Heriz Creme

Through new interpretations and detailed hand drawings of various floral and geometric motifs, our designers created an array of new designs in rich color combinations like Opal, Garnet and Emerald. This machine washable and playful traditional Persian collection adds flair to any pet or kid space and pairs well with boho and modern decor and accents with ease.

Hendesi Heriz Garnet
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  • Joy Pugh says:
    03.28.19 at 10:44am

    I love the concept, but am interested in the aesthetics of the rug for living room. I normally buy a “cheap” ($125 for a 5×7) rug & toss it after it begins to smell like dog b***.

    We mostly like a shag type feel , but definitely a softer feel. I am concerned that the rugs would have an “outdoor”, “plastic” feel.

    I would be THRILLED to pay $300 for a 5×7 rug if it would give us even close to a fabric , soft feel. I’d feel so much better about my eco footprint as well, as I now am filling the landfill with my stinky rugs about once a year…

    Please give me your thoughts. Definitely will consider purchasing very soon for kitchen.

  • Renee Garcia says:
    02.25.19 at 05:56pm

    Hi Patty! Thank so much for sharing, so wonderful to hear :) We are also glad to hear that you are enjoying the washable rug system in your home. Keep us posted!

  • Renee Garcia says:
    02.25.19 at 05:54pm

    Hi Marsha! Our machine washable rugs are soft to the touch, easy to wash and are comfy underfoot. The feel is more like velour, but our rugs are polyester chenille.

  • Renee Garcia says:
    02.25.19 at 05:52pm

    Hi Millie! Good question, we hope to offer washable round rug sizes in the future. Stay tuned!

  • Renee Garcia says:
    02.25.19 at 05:51pm

    Hi Nanci! At this time we do not offer washable round rugs, but we hope to do so in the future. Stay tuned!

  • Renee Garcia says:
    02.25.19 at 05:50pm

    Hi Katie! We hope to add a larger selection of washable entryway runners in the future. Stay tuned!

  • Katie says:
    02.22.19 at 01:38pm

    Please add to you collection longer runners, like 8 ft. and round rugs. Current runners are too short. Or allow custom sizes.

  • Nanci says:
    02.15.19 at 11:11am

    As the comment above asked: I am looking for a round rug (large) for my kitchen. Will you be offering soon?

  • millie downing says:
    01.15.19 at 09:36pm

    Will you offer large ‘round’ size offerings. I own several of your selections and love them! It would complete our kitchen to also have a Round Ruggable under our large round kitchen table. Thank you ! Millie

  • Marsha Iverson says:
    01.17.19 at 03:24pm

    How do the Persians feel, as in tactile sensations? (I presume they’re reasonably happy…)
    Do they approximate the softness of wool, or AstroTurf?

  • Patty Wachold says:
    02.15.19 at 11:11am
    I love your rugs and I have bought three of them. Recently I broke my foot and had to wear a boot. I realized something about the rugs. It is very easy to trip over the edges of them, which could be dangerous for us seniors; I am 60. I was thinking that if you made the pads the same size as the tops and made the edges more firm, it would be better. Just a suggestion. Other than that keep up the good work, your rugs are beautiful and I get many compliments on them. People are amazed when I show them the “secret” to them.