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9 Reasons Why You Need Ruggable in your Life

1. Cost Efficient

Take the hassle and cost out of professional rug cleaning and services and rug replacements! We did the math, buying Ruggable can save you $200-$1,000 in your lifetime of rug cleaning and throwing cheap ones away. All our rugs fit comfortably in a standard washer and dryer (top/front/agitator), yes, even our 8x10!

2. A Waterproof Rug You Can Spill On

Got spills? We have your back! Ruggable covers have a 100% waterproof barrier that prevents liquid from seeping down to the non-slip pad and your floors. That means messes are isolated, your floors aren’t messed up and you can easily throw the cover in the washing machine!

3. Safe For Allergy/Mold Sensitivity And Autoimmune Deficiency

Say goodbye to allergy sensitivity! Our washable low pile rugs stay fresh and keep your rug free from indoor environmental toxins, dust, mold, and dander. In fact, we can’t believe traditional rugs were never meant to be washed!

4. Pet Friendly

Now your furry, feathery, scale-y or spike-y friends can nuzzle, scratch and roll on your Ruggable without compromise! No more worrying about your rug being ruined by pet accidents and habits. Our rugs are pet friendly, waterproof, stain resistant and machine washable. Making it so easy to keep your rug looking new and your pets happy.

5. Kid friendly

A lot of people say that once they had kids, they couldn’t have nice things anymore. Here at Ruggable, we want to completely rethink that assumption. Our kid proof rugs are ideal for busy and high traffic homes. No more worrying about your beautiful rug when accidents happen, just simply wash or spot clean. Because we believe that life matters and spills don’t.

6. Safe For Your Home

Our non-slip rug pad is great for high traffic areas, which means you can say goodbye to sliding rugs that are nothing but falling hazards.

7. Uncompromised Style

While our rug system is practical, sustainable and functional, we also take pride in offering a diverse and curated collection of designs, suitable for every space and style. We are so proud of our talented designers who hail from various backgrounds. Some hand draw entire traditional persian rugs and others digitally compose transitional and modern motifs. They bring history into contemporary designs, and modernity into traditional styles.

8. Interchangeable

Never get bored with your Ruggable, want a new look or changing up your space? Once you have the rug pad, the design possibilities are endless! Just switch the covers out!

9. Socially-Conscious

It's our mission to remain an ethical company. With the environment in mind, we use 95% recycled plastic bottles to make our non-slip pads. We source cost-effective and sustainable materials and use non-toxic water-based ink and our print rugs are printed, cut, sewn and packaged locally in LA. We also believe in community - we wouldn’t be here today if not for a wonderful community of individuals who have shown continuous support for us. So we partner and give back to select organizations with great causes that we believe help make the world a better place.

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  • RUGGABLE says:
    05.14.19 at 11:44am

    Hi Ann! Thanks for reaching out. The rug you are looking for may have been from a Sample Sale on the site. Styles on the sample sale are typically on the site until they sell out which can happen between 2-3 days.

    We do have similar options that you may like here:

    Please feel free to reach out to customer service for any questions at We’re here to help :)

  • Danielle Vilchis says:
    05.13.19 at 05:59pm

    Hi Joan,
    Thank you for checking out our blog and thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. It was so wonderful to hear that you are enjoying the washable rug system in your home :)

  • Joan says:
    05.13.19 at 05:57pm

    I received my ruggable 2 days ago and installed it yesterday. It is beautiful. I read someone’s comment to lay the base down and start the rug at one end then roll it on the base cardboard tube. I unrolled it right over the base and didn’t have a wrinkle in it. Our grandson has been going back and forth over it with his walker and it hasn’t moved! I can’t say enough I wish I had this when all of my kids were little. I needed to contact costumer service with a question and they emailed me back the next day and resolved my problem. Great product.

  • ann christopulos says:
    05.14.19 at 11:40am

    a night ago, Thursday night, I was going through your selection and fell in love with a runner that had a kind of tiles in different colors and had a faded look…I have looked and looked tonight but can not fine it…the floor in my kitchen is very similar , the tiles do not have a definite size to them…I wish I could describe it better….please get back to me….
    grateful ,
    ann christopulos

  • Kelly says:
    03.30.19 at 09:17pm

    Are these rugs good for outdoor spaces?

  • Bobbin Bergstrom says:
    03.28.19 at 10:44am

    This is amazing ! do they wver go on sale ???

  • Suzette Landrum says:
    03.28.19 at 10:44am

    What is the shipping speed on these rugs?

  • Lois says:
    03.28.19 at 10:44am

    Is it possible to get a sample?

  • RJ says:
    03.28.19 at 10:44am

    Question same as John’s—can these be used outdoors? Same as his comment, we have a pergola and would like to put something down on the deck a little more attractive than outdoor carpet from HD/Lowe’s/Menard’s. I presume because they can be washed, they can also ‘sit outside’?

  • Carol H says:
    03.28.19 at 10:44am

    I have not made it to the end of comments but do you ever answer the questions that are being asked?

  • Elena says:
    03.28.19 at 10:44am

    Se pueden colocar muebles encima de estas aestas alfombras sin que se marquen o rompan? Aguantan?
    Podrían poner las medidas en centímetros por favor?
    Hacen envíos a Mexico?

  • Elena says:
    03.28.19 at 10:44am

    Se pueden colocar muebles encima de estas aestas alfombras sin que se marquen o rompan? Aguantan?
    Podrían poner las medidas en centímetros por favor?
    Hacen envíos a Mexico?

  • Amy says:
    02.20.19 at 11:39am

    I am seriously considering purchasing these rugs for my kitchen. I have had trouble with natural fiber rugs curling up at the corners and tripping everyone… old and young. Do these rugs “curl”?

  • Joan says:
    02.20.19 at 11:39am

    Please make a 2’X3’ rug which would be perfect in front of a door or in a bathroom!!! Anxious to try these rugs!!

  • Robin Berkley says:
    02.15.19 at 11:10am

    I LOVE your rugs, I have 3 dogs AND my husband is getting older and really needs a low profile rug so he doesn’t trip. These rugs fill the bill. I desperately ask you to add a 2 × 3 size rug for door mats!! Sometimes the 3 × 5 is just too large for certain areas. Please, please!!

  • John says:
    02.15.19 at 11:11am

    Do you manufacture rugs for use outdoors? We have a patio with a pergola, and I think one of your rugs could possibly work outside.

  • Ruggable says:
    02.11.19 at 01:18pm

    Hi Lynn,

    Thank you for checking out our blog 9 Reasons Why You Need Ruggable in your Life. We are here to answer any questions :) We respond privately and publically. Did you have a question?


  • Lynn says:
    02.11.19 at 01:17pm

    My many questions were asked above by various people. Please post your answers!

  • Valerie M says:
    01.30.19 at 04:26pm

    I have a Ruggable and love it, but. . . while they look OK they are rather flat. There is no cushion. Any chance rugs with a little cushion will become available?

  • natalie bresnahan says:
    01.28.19 at 10:05am

    I need an 8×10 so my question is how would a carpet that large fit into my washer. Have u tried this to see if it can fit and wash. Thank u

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