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    1. cost efficient

    Take the hassle and cost out of professional rug cleaning and services and rug replacements! We did the math, buying Ruggables can save you $200-$1,000 in your lifetime of rug cleaning and throwing cheap ones away. All our rugs fit comfortably in a standard washer and dryer (top/front/agitator), yes, even our 8x10!

    2. A Waterproof Rug You Can Spill On

    Got spills? We have your back! Ruggable covers have a 100% waterproof barrier that prevents liquid from seeping down to the non-slip pad and your floors. That means messes are isolated, your floors aren’t messed up and you can easily throw the cover in the washing machine!

    3. Safe For Allergy/Mold Sensitivity And Autoimmune Deficiency

    Say goodbye to allergy sensitivity! Our washable low pile rugs stay fresh and keep your rug free from indoor environmental toxins, dust, mold, and dander. In fact, we can’t believe traditional rugs were never meant to be washed!

    4. Pet Friendly

    Now your furry, feathery, scale-y or spike-y friends can nuzzle, scratch and roll on your Ruggable without compromise! No more worrying about your rug being ruined by pet accidents and habits. Our rugs are pet friendly, waterproof, stain resistant and machine washable. Making it so easy to keep your rug looking new and your pets happy.

    5. Kid friendly

    A lot of people say that once they had kids, they couldn’t have nice things anymore. Here at Ruggable, we want to completely rethink that assumption. Our kid proof rugs are ideal for busy and high traffic homes. No more worrying about your beautiful rug when accidents happen, just simply wash or spot clean. Because we believe that life matters and spills don’t.

    6. Safe For Your Home

    Our non-slip rug pad is great for high traffic areas, which means you can say goodbye to sliding rugs that are nothing but falling hazards.

    7. Uncompromised Style

    While our rug system is practical, sustainable and functional, we also take pride in offering a diverse and curated collection of designs, suitable for every space and style. We are so proud of our talented designers who hail from various backgrounds. Some hand draw entire traditional persian rugs and others digitally compose transitional and modern motifs. They bring history into contemporary designs, and modernity into traditional styles.

    8. Interchangeable

    Never get bored with your Ruggable, want a new look or changing up your space? Once you have the rug pad, the design possibilities are endless! Just switch the covers out!

    shop best-selling styles

    Blue Rug - Shibori Indigo San

    Coastal Rugs


    Blue Rug - Watercolor Waves Blue

    Floral Rugs


    Blue Rug - Meridian Blue

    Traditional Rugs


    9. Socially- Conscious

    It's our mission to remain an ethical company. With the environment in mind, we use 95% recycled plastic bottles to make our non-slip pads. We source cost-effective and sustainable materials and use non-toxic water-based ink and our print rugs are printed, cut, sewn and packaged locally in LA. We also believe in community - we wouldn’t be here today if not for a wonderful community of individuals who have shown continuous support for us. So we partner and give back to select organizations with great causes that we believe help make the world a better place.

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    • Virginia: September 28, 2018

      I am interested in fabric samples from your selections. How do I go about ordering samples of the following –
      Floral Medallion taupe
      Ironwork natural
      Shagreen natural

      Thank you

    • Donna Wilson: August 30, 2018

      I have had so many compliments on the starfish rug! I absolutely love it! I’ve ordered two more because of the ease and convenience in cleaning with a house full of pets!

    • Ruggable: August 15, 2018

      Hi Gaye! Thank you for checking out our Into the Wash blog. Looks like you had some questions regarding a 4×6 size. Currently we do not have that size available, but we are releasing new sizes this winter. Stay tuned, sign up for our newsletter to not miss any promos and Ruggable news.

    • Gaye Thompson: August 15, 2018

      Do you have rug size 4’ by 6’?

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