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8 Benefits of Having a Ruggable
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  1. Style & Save

Rugs are one of the best ways to add style to your home, and now there’s a cost-efficient way to do so. We’ve calculated that by buying Ruggable rugs, you can save $200-$1,000 in the lifetime of professional cleaning services and rug replacements. Because ours are washable and fit comfortably in a standard washer and dryer (top, front, and agitator) you can keep your rugs looking fresh without the added expense! Additionally, when you sign up to our newsletter, you’ll save 10% off your first Ruggable order.


  1. Waterproof & Washable

Spills are inevitable, but no worries, we can totally handle them! Ruggable rugs feature a waterproof barrier that prevents liquids from seeping into the non-slip pad...and your floors! When messes are contained, your flooring is protected. Simply throw the cover into the washing machine, dryer, then back into your space for worry-free flair!


Linear Aztec Black

  1. Hypoallergenic

Today, allergy and mold sensitivity is a big concern. That’s why Ruggable rugs are washable and hypoallergenic with a low pile to more easily stay clean and free from indoor environmental toxins, dust, mold, and dander.


  1. Kid and Pet-Friendly

We at Ruggable believe you don’t need to sacrifice a stylish home just because it’s full of kids and pets. Our kid and pet-friendly rugs are not only non-toxic and soft to the touch, they’re also waterproof, stain resistant and machine washable -  ideal for high traffic homes where life and inevitable messes happen. You can wash the cover and spot clean the pad to remove stains and smells for a fresh, odor-free rug.


Maral Heriz Sapphire


  1. Non-Slip Rug Pads

When decorating your home, safety should also be a design consideration. Our non-slip pads take the worry out of slipping rug hazards, so you can feel confident when placing them amongst your home furnishings and throughout your spaces.


  1. Stylish Designs

We’ve accomplished the ultimate quadfecta of design: practicality, sustainability functionality, and uncompromised style. Our diverse and curated collection of designs are created by our team of talented designers who hail from various backgrounds and experiences. From hand-drawn to digitally produced motifs, they bring uniqueness and history to contemporary designs and modernity to traditional styles.


  1. Swappable Rug Covers

Stay current and on-trend with Ruggable. Our rug covers are easily interchangeable should you desire a change or a new look to your space. Once you’ve purchased the pad, all you need is to swap out your covers for a pop of color, a seasonal touch or whenever your design spirit moves you!


Kenza Ocean Blue

  1. Sustainable & Giving Back

We believe a successful business includes being environmentally and socially conscious. We use 95% recycled plastic bottles to make our custom rug pad fiber, and the thermoplastic resin (TPR), a product that creates little to no waste during manufacturing, to create the nonslip portion of this pad. Additionally, we source cost-effective and sustainable materials and use non-toxic, water-based inks.

Giving back to our community is very important to us, as well. We love to help support a wide range of organizations, both locally and globally, to create a better world and to offer opportunities to dream and share in our success. And because we make our rugs in the USA, we’re able to provide jobs for the community - a win-win for all.  


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  • RUGGABLE says:
    06.18.19 at 10:48am

    Hi Debbie! We love that you already have your next Ruggable lined up and ready to refresh the look of your space this summer. The best practice for storing rug covers would be to fold them loosely to avoid hard creases.

  • Debby says:
    06.18.19 at 10:26am

    I was wondering what the best way to store your extra covers is. I have a new 8×10 rug cover coming to brighten my room up for summer. Should I fold or roll the original cover? I want it to look fresh when I take it back out come fall/winter..

  • RUGGABLE says:
    05.14.19 at 11:23am

    Hey Ann! Yes, you can definitely purchase a rug pad separately by following the link here:

    Please feel free to reach out to customer service at for any questions. We’re here to help :)

  • Ann Krahn says:
    05.14.19 at 11:21am

    I bought two 8×10 ruggable rugs. I intended to interchange them but changed my mind. I now need to purchase another rug pad. How?

  • Renee Garcia says:
    03.30.19 at 09:26pm

    Hi Barbara Morrow!
    Wow, thank you for your support if our washable rugs:) Yes, we have considered thicker padding, however, we are not in development for that at this time. We will keep you posted!

  • barbara morrow says:
    03.30.19 at 09:17pm

    So, I’ve purchased three and love them, and I may purchase a 4th. A friend asked about the padding for support in the kitchen where this a lot of standing. Wondering if one day you might consider the OPTION of a thicker pad for such places. Just a suggestion.