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    The classic shag rug gets a Ruggable upgrade! Here is our take on what a modern-day shag should be - machine washable, stylish and spill proof. The Ruggable shag is a must-have this winter, and here are 5 reasons why!

    1. It’s Automatic Cozy

    Is there a room in your home that needs an inviting touch? We've got you covered, the shag can transform even the coolest of rooms. Add a shag to your ceramic and hardwood flooring, nursery or bathroom for an insta-cozy feel.

    2. It’s Farmhouse Chic

    Want to get in on this year’s trending Farmhouse décor style? Use the shag as an accent piece or create your room around it. Both stylish and functional, our washable shag works in various spaces. Infuse rustic and worn wood accents to create your fall ready farmhouse home.

    3. Not a Traditional Shag

    Our Ruggable Shag is unlike any other shag out there, it is an updated and functional take on a classic. Unlike the memorable shag of the 60’s, our shag is machine washable, waterproof and stain resistant. Shortly put, this is a shag you can live and spill on. Because let’s face it, some of Mom's green bean casserole will inevitably make it onto the floor this Thanksgiving.

    4. A Hypoallergenic Shag

    Say goodbye to pesky allergies! The season has officially changed and the holidays are steadily approaching, that means tons of folks visiting and hostings, as well as expecting the inevitable allergies. With a machine washable shag, you can easily keep dirt, allergens, pet hair etc. out of the air so you can breathe easy.

    5. A Kid / Pet-Friendly Shag

    If you've looked at a shag rug and thought, "I can't have this, because Buddy will tear this up" or you have a toddler who is in full explorative mode, it’s a new day! Our modern take on the shag rug is soft, stylish and washable, making them easy to use in playrooms, nurseries and even pet spaces. Add a playful feel to the kid's room with no worries!


    Ruggable Shag - Vintage Creme

    Shag Vintage Creme


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    1 comment

    • Lucky Garcia: October 23, 2018

      Omgosh! I really do need a shag rug, the funny thing is I have been contemplating whether or not having a shag is realistic. But a machine washable shag is just out of this world. Thanks for this wonderful blog and for such a great product!

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